[How to eat lamb in summer]_Lamb_Summer_How to eat

In the summer, eating a bowl of stewed mutton soup may be strange to some people’s eyes, because many people have always thought that mutton is a cold tonic in the winter, and eating mutton in the summer will cause fire.

In fact, otherwise, eating mutton in the summer, especially San Futian Jin tonic, has better moisturizing effect.

If you are afraid of getting angry, you can eat a small amount or drink soup. You can also add radish or honeysuckle to the soup to reduce heat and heat.

How to eat mutton as a flavor in summer, beef and mutton with high protein content and rich nutrition can be eaten in all seasons like other animal protein. The key to the problem lies in mastering scientific cooking methods.

Summer should choose the popular practice of stewed beef and mutton.

The basic method is to wash the fresh beef and mutton, add boiling water to boil, then pour the boiling water, and then pour in the fresh and clean boiling water. Only put a small amount of salt, green onions, and ginger.

The beef and mutton produced in this way is delicious and non-greasy, and because it does not contain spicy and hot seasonings, it supplements nutrition and allows people to enjoy the deliciousness without worrying about getting angry after eating.

Eat mutton in the summer should pay attention to the selection of fresh mutton in summer how to identify the quality of beef and mutton?

On smell, the fresh meat had a normal odor, and the lesser meat had an ammoniac or sour taste.

Two touches, one is to touch the elasticity, the fresh meat is elastic, the depression is immediately recovered after finger pressure, the defective meat is poor in elasticity, the depression after finger pressure is slow to recover or cannot be recovered, and the metamorphic meat is inelastic;The surface of the meat is slightly dry or slightly moist, non-sticky. The fresh meat is dry or sticky on the outside. The fresh cut surface is wet and sticky. The deteriorated meat is very sticky. The appearance is very dry.Visible water-like appearance, not strong.

Third look, see if there are red spots on the skin, no red spots are good meat, and red spots are bad meat; look at muscles, fresh meat is shiny, red is uniform, lower meat, meat is slightly darker; look at aunt, fresh meatThe aunt is white or pale yellow, the aunt with defective meat lacks gloss, and the aunt with deteriorated meat is green.