People’s Network Beijing September 25 (Dong Zairui) This morning, Changping District "returning to Tianxin Wishes" new era civilized practice volunteer service activities launched in the new era civilization in Tiantongyuan Culture and Art. Event will carry out six featured volunteers, establish seven featured volunteers, aimed at innovating the grassroots social governance model, deepen the construction of the coincidence and sharing, and enhance the level of urban governance.

It is understood that "returning to the new year" New Times Civilization Practice Volunteer Service will rely on the Tiantongyuan Culture and Art Center, Changping District Social Organization Development Service Center and other new era civilization practice bases, create the theme preaching, children’s book, health class, law The classroom, literary performance, and reading sharing will meet 6 special volunteer service projects to meet the spiritual and cultural needs of residents. At the same time, the event will rely on the return of the Tianzhi District Practice (station), thinking that the people’s pioneer volunteer service team, the civilized family wind demonstration family volunteer service team, returning to the day model Volunteer service team, public civilization guidance volunteer service Team, Emergency Rescue Volunteer Service Team, Wencheng University General Law Volunteer Service Team and 7 Characteristic Volunteer Service Teams of Cultural Enterprises Volunteer Service Team, create a new era of civilized and fashion in civilized life.

The event will pass the "6 + 7" volunteer service model, with the new era civilized practice volunteer service as a carrier, adhering to the concept of "Strong Service", with a team of teams, and integrates all kinds of resources back to the sky, and effectively improve the day The sense of gaining and happiness in the regional residents, in order to return to the spiritual civilization in the day, the national civilized city is created, and the social governance of returning to the sky contributes the spiritual power.

It is understood that "returning to the new year" new era civilized practice volunteer service activities are the in-depth summary of the new era civilization practice center in Changping District, based on the development of new era civilization and volunteer service activities in the previous phase, through extensive Collecting the residents of returning to the sky, highlighting the cultural practice characteristics of the new era of the day, build and cultivate the "New Year’s Wishes" New Times Civilization Practice Volunteer Service Activity Brand. The relevant person in charge of Changping District said that the Changping District will become a series of practical activities that have formed a series of practical activities that "return to day" will become a series of practical activities that "return to day new wish", which makes "return to day". The spiritual culture of the masses will enhance the new era of civilized and civilized practical volunteer service brands for the quality of the people of the people.

At the launching ceremony, "return to the new wish" seven volunteer representatives issued an initiative, calling on the "return to day" volunteers to actively participate in return to day social governance and innovation practice, use practical actions to gather all parties, extensively carry out residents Spiritual cultural needs, leading the new era of civilized life, the new era civilization, the new era civilization, and actively transmit social positive energy.

Volunteer Liu Jia said that "returning to the new" New Times Civilization Practice Volunteer Service Activity is inseparable from the hard work of every volunteer, as one of them, he must actively participate in the new era civilization, volunteer service, strive Become a publicity of the party’s theoretical policies, the practitioners of civilized practice, contributing to their own power to return to the spirit of spiritual civilization. On the day of the event, Tiantongyuan Culture and Art Center Practice Base launched a "new era" preaching, general publicity, health consultation, children’s book, "people’s big stage" literary performance, non-legacy cultural display, etc. 6, returned The Practice All of the Zhixiang Street, Liu Street, also launched the "return to day" volunteer service activities.

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