Title: The 116 courts in the province unified the implementation of the implementation of the case of the total issuance of a total of billion yuan, involving 1644 cases, 1889 parties received the case, further deepening the provincial court "I am doing practical things for the masses" Practical activities, actively respond to the public’s concerns, consolidation and expansion this year’s implementation case cleaning and distribution, timely redeeming the legitimate rights and interests of winning the parties, and earnestly enhance the sensation and satisfaction of the people, November 18th, China The court unified organizes the implementation of the case to pay the day event in Taiyuan Intermediate People’s Court.

According to statistics, the province’s court issued a total of 100 million yuan, including 1644 cases, and received 1889 people, and invited 158 people representatives, 152 CPPCC members, and 73 special supervisors witnessed. At 10:30 am, after the Supreme People’s Court announced the implementation of the case, the provincial high-level people’s court party secretary, Feng Jun, a generation of Feng Jun, announced the "Shanxi Court Executive Case Concentration Day" started, A total of 116 courts in the province centralized the on-site at the same time, starting the case issuance activities.

This event is the top level to carry out part of the National Court’s implementation of cases, and it is an important component of the "Sanjin Executive Guardian" centralized implementation action.

  "Since this year, the Shanxi Provincial Third Court accepted 176,735 implement cases, and 133,573 pieces were executed.

Especially the political and legal team education rectification has been carried out, the province’s courts have tighten the people’s reflection of strong and difficult expectations, and continuously deepen the implementation of the case cleaning and distribution. At present, the 64026 cases have been implemented in place, in the legal period Dedicated to the application executor, and will honor the legitimate rights and interests of the party. At the same time, the number of 9378 billion yuan implementation of the historical accumulation is performed, and the comparison is issued by the case, and it has been cleaned up and issued to the relevant case.

"Ding Yi, the Excellence Bureau of the Executive Board of the Provincial High Court, reported the issue of the implementation of the case in Shanxi, and said that the Shanxi Court will be related to the people’s lives in the people’s lives. In the hands, truly let the people have more feelings. On the same day, the "5 million yuan of enterprises in the People’s Court of Taigu District" has conducted a concentrated distribution activities of the wage case of the migrant workers "in the top of the SHO.

The case is a series of cases, involving 45 cases, involving 266 applicants, all of which are involved in migrant workers.

From the principle of self-discipline, in accordance with the principle of "priority reception, priority", simplify the case, to ensure that the applicant is in time and orderly, and actively adopt effective measures to compulsive measures to the person’s property, making the case implementation have made significant progress.

(Reporter Yan Shuimin).