The theme of the elderly furniture purchase strengthens the caring theme is the key

Home, a warm harbor, gives us all the conditions to liberate the body, all of which stems from the love between family members, while the elderly are a group that we especially need.

Relatively speaking, older people spend more time in their homes than other members of the family. Therefore, if there are elderly people living in the home for a long time, or when they are assigned new homes, they should especially consider how they can live.Comfortable.

  ● The age of furniture based on simplicity, safety, and comfort will increase, and people’s memory and physical condition will decline. Therefore, when choosing furniture for the elderly, it is necessary to fully consider this situation.

Furniture is simple and comfortable as the primary choice principle, and should be placed on the wall as much as possible. Do not change the position frequently and give them a simple and familiar living environment.

At the same time, the ability of people to coordinate with the elderly has begun to decline.

Therefore, when choosing the shape of the furniture, you should choose more those that use no sharp corners and sleek shapes to reduce the occurrence of accidents such as bumps and abrasions, and psychologically give the elderly a sense of security.

  Among the many furniture, the most important thing for the elderly is the bed and the sofa, and the two kinds of furniture need to pay attention to their comfort.

Comfort depends mainly on the rationality of its size, and the bed of the elderly should not be too high, thus ensuring that they can easily get into and out of bed.

In addition, it is understood that soft beds such as spring beds are not suitable for the elderly.

In fact, due to different living habits, they may be more accustomed to the bed of hard-bed thickened strippers. Instead, for elderly people with lumbar muscle strain and hyperosteogeny, soft beds are particularly detrimental to the disease, which may lead to their symptoms worsening.

Therefore, it should be noted that the mattresses with moderate hardness are selected for the elderly, and the bedding products with good warmth, and the bedding products of natural materials such as cotton are more suitable for the elderly.

  Similarly, sofas for the elderly should not be too soft.

Wang Jiabin, the chief designer of the industry’s peak, said that when the person sat up, it was deeply inside, and it felt as if the sofa that the whole person was hugged was really comfortable, but it was not suitable for the elderly because the sofa was sitting up.It is about to continue to sink, which may bring sudden psychological panic to them. More importantly, such sofas are not appropriate for them to stand up.

  Therefore, it is a good choice to choose the functional sofas that can help the elderly, sit and relax.

In addition, in the design of the overall size of the seat, the length of the seat should be longer, which allows them to move more freely; the back angle and the sitting angle of the seat should be larger to increase their comfort;Equipped with handrails and armrests, it is convenient for the elderly to grasp when they sit up and increase the balance of the body balance. It is easier and more convenient to sit up.

  ● The material is light and environmentally friendly. The material is the carrier and support of furniture design. It is the basis of furniture modeling. It constructs the inner structure and external form of furniture, reflecting different textures and effects.

Wang Jiabin said that the choice of materials for elderly furniture should follow the principles of portability and environmental protection.

  Lightness is mainly for the weight of furniture, especially the seat, light and convenient for the elderly to move.

This can be achieved by using a simple shape and selecting some materials of opposite density.

In addition, attention should be paid to the convenience and practicability of the materials, so that the furniture can be used “hands-on” to highlight its functionality.

  Environmental protection focuses on the health of the elderly.

For furniture materials, wood, bamboo, rattan, natural latex and other materials are more environmentally friendly than synthetic materials, and should be the first choice for aged furniture materials.

For example, bamboo, rattan and other materials, they can meet the environmental health awareness of modern people in performance, visual and psychological, and the furniture produced is generally lighter, especially suitable for the elderly.

  ●Colors are light and natural, and heavy colors can directly affect people’s psychology. Wang Jiabin said that color can also reflect weight, time and density, and at the same time can create different comforts and even affect the relative humidity of the room.

Therefore, when we choose furniture for the elderly, we should also pay attention to the treatment of color.

  It is understood that those low-purity, low-light, harmonious and fresh and elegant colors can create a quiet, comfortable and elegant living atmosphere for the elderly.

Aside from the complicated color matching, the harmonious color can make people feel happy and comfortable.

Therefore, in the color selection of the elderly furniture, different hue, different brightness, different purity colors need to be arranged according to a certain level to obtain the balance of color intensity.

The natural color of the natural materials itself, with its original, simple and soft characteristics, enables the elderly to harvest a more peaceful state of mind, which is beneficial to the physical health of the elderly.