After a few glasses of wine,Li Hui is not too big.,But Zheng Tiancheng and Cheng Chu have already played.。
“Li brothers,I am really admiring you.,Actually, it’s so accurate.,Hu Si Fang is also considered to have a big brother in Huashan City.,Actually, the final will fall.。”
“Hey-hey,Cheng Big Brother,This can be independent of me.,Everything is his own,If he is less dry, he is dull.,May not be so bad。”
Li Hui Feng said that this is entirely true.,No half a little。
But listening to Cheng Chu ear is another layer of meaning.。
“Hey-hey,Li Li’s brother,do not worry,My brother will not be so arrogant.,Will not touch those gray industries,After all, my brother is now shallow.,Just after Li Brothers have a way of making money.,It is also to give my brother.。”
“Cheng Big Brother is really too much to come.,I am a seed,How many ways to make a fortune,But if there is,I will definitely support you.。”
Have Li Hui Feng this sentence,Cheng Chu immediately got up and gave Li Hui Rong and Zheng Tiancheng。
Toast again,Then three people are bored。
After this,Zheng Tiancheng swayed directly,Cheng Chu is also good。
“Li brothers,Cheng Big Brother,I will go to a toilet first.,You drink first,I will come back soon.。”
Say,Zheng Tiancheng also rushed out directly。
Zheng Tiancheng went straight to the front desk to let Liu Kai ready to wake up。
Cheng Chu and Li have a drink and drink two cups.,Cheng Chu did not expect that Li Hui Feng alcohol is so big.,He is good from the beginning.,One pound of half white wine can basically make Li Hui’s young guys lose。
The result is that Li Hui has no loss.,He has lost。
When Zheng Tiancheng is coming back again。
Cheng Chu directly let Zheng Tiancheng accompanying Li Hui Rong to see the house.,He is just looking at a wall at the hotel.。
Zheng Tiancheng looked at Cheng Chu,Let Liu Kai find a few people to find a single room.。
And he is accompanying Li Hui to see the villa of Cheng Chu.。
All the way,Liu Kai drove the car to look at Li Hui’s expression from the mirror,I found that Li Hui actually didn’t have the same thing.,This makes him also have a somewhat awkward。
Zheng Tiancheng is also surprised.。
“Li brothers,You have just been drinking for those drinks.?”
“Forehead,Yup,what happened?”
“You are really massive.,I first saw someone can drink a pound of half, but I didn’t have anything.,You now say that you have not drinking alcohol.。”
Li Hui Feng is also a little surprised to be a wine now.,But think about it, I feel that I should be the improvement of Xianquan.。
“Hey-hey,May be good,Zheng Xiong’s relationship with big brother?”
“Forehead,Not bad。”
Zheng Tiancheng does not understand what Li will ask if you want to ask.。
“Hey-hey,That Zheng Xiong saw Cheng Big Brother gave this villa, you have no imbalance.?”
“Forehead,He has already given me a,And I am not missing the house.,I accept it completely to let him feel relieved.,After all, Hu Si’s things have not been understood yet.,He is a bit dangerous at this time.。”
“If you have to look up,Your plan is completely hidden,Some energy is not you, I can imagine.,And the big brother also knows this matter,He is doing now is gambling,Will you continue to investigate。”
This is also Li Hui’s first time, Zheng Tiancheng issued the view about this matter.。
I heard Zheng Tiancheng said,Li Hui Feng is suddenly worried.。
“There are a lot of gray income in our hands.?”
Zheng Tiancheng saw Li Hui’s face worried,Laugh:“Used to have,It’s basically no,how?
Is it some regret that this villa is now??”
“Is it feeling some hot??”