His face can’t maintain absolute calm。
A trace of blood fell from the corner of the mouth。
The wind and sand gradually stopped,Li Ming was relieved in pain。
“It seems that my Taoism is still a bit weak!”
Li Ming’s heart moved。
In the Three Realms,His Taoism is undoubtedly extremely strong,After all, there are two worlds of spiritual accumulation,Even after the reincarnation of Thousand Tribulations, the remaining accumulation is extremely profound,Are beyond the average world。
But as he stepped into the realm of Taoism,Compared with those Taoists who have accumulated a long time, they are weaker
General Guardian,Daoxin can’t get through the first level。Those with strong Taoism can barely get through。
His Dao Heart seems to be comparable to the level of Dao Jun with a strong Dao Heart。
But he is the psychic master!
Even if you don’t consider the three forces in one,Calculate with the mystery of Tao,He is also an anti-Heaven Daoist rank。
The average level of the Taoist heart of the spiritual flow against the heaven is higher than that of the normal peak Taoist。
Just barely surpassed the first layer of wind and sand,Even if you don’t use the Heart World Assistant,It’s also a bottom level。