There is a problem with the construction site,The departure of the old winter melon caused great trouble to Yan Defa,Provoked by Li Desheng,Big Bear takes the lead again on strike,How much money did the old winter melon greedy everyone?,There is no saying that will never give up,Even Er Pao and other major workers also participated,The form is chaotic。
Li Tianchou has been watching coldly,Although my heart is angry,I really want to take Li Desheng directly,Get out of lynching,But finally held back。
Yan Defa’s eye circles are black,Did not sleep well all night,His entanglement finally came to an end,Even if you are forced to be helpless,Bite the bullet and become an amateur policeman。But some can’t save face and go to Li Tianchou,When getting angry,The company is here。
The people here are mainly for project progress and food safety issues,The leader is actually the female boss,The project manager brought a message to find Li Tianchou。Lao Yan was surprised,Naturally dare not neglect,This strong woman is amazing,No matter how big or small,Last time in the hospital, I thought I was talking casually,I didn’t expect to come in person。
What does he care about?,Lao Yan immediately corrected his attitude,I went to the workshop to find someone in person。Li Tianchou is not surprised,So noisy,Hell if the company doesn’t come。
Yan Defa changed yesterday’s timidity,Asking how to deal with Li Desheng,Is it tied up first?It’s like opening a Xiangtang to clean up the door。Li Tianchou naturally understands that Lao Yan is miserable now,I can understand my thoughts after a 180 degree turn,But I’m not sure if this guy really made up his mind,So I can only vaguely say,“The company is done,Let’s discuss it again。”
In a separate board room office,Li Tianchou saw Hua Yun in plain clothes,As beautiful as when we first met。Li Tianchou turned a blind eye,He is actually very arrogant in his bones,Just nodded slightly,Straight to the point:“The boss asked me if it was about the sample test?”
Seeing the other person’s expressions cold,Hua Yun has a slight unpleasantness,But not too much,She nodded solemnly,“Yes,Got results。”Seeing Li Tianchou didn’t speak,She continued:“There is nitrite in that water,Others are fine。”
Li Tianchou’s face was calm as usual,But secretly relieved,My guess is right。This female boss is resolute,Work efficiency is very high,Not to be underestimated,How stupid he finds himself to deal with?
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Seven Kim Sung’s anger
“Thank you for telling me this in person。”Li Tianchou hesitated,Still expressed basic courtesy,It’s hard to say anything else,He is not sure what Hua Yun intends to do next。
Looking at Li Tianchou with seriousness,Hua Yun frowned,“Let’s be natural,My name is Hua Yun。Just call my name。”
Li Tianchou is noncommittal,“Do you see anything else?”