“it is good!”
Gu Yi Lin, who is happy to start the car,Send Shen Jiaqi back。
Shen Jiaqi looked at the night scene of the street,Gu Yi Lin, who is looking at the mouth of the mouth。
Suddenly there is a deep feeling,心 掏,Get the results of the heart。
NS653chapter:You think that you can manage me.
All the way,It is all Gu Yilin that is talking about it.,Shen Jiaqi sometimes pays a sentence,Sometimes just nodded。
“Jiaqi,Do you have a rest on Saturday??”
Gu Yi Lin asked。
Shen Jiaqi did not see him,But low head:“Do our line,How is there a rest?!”
Gu Yulin’s eyes have a touch of distress,If there is no thing before,Jiaqi will not be like this,I will not force her into this way.。
“Jiaqi,You have me later,No need to be so hard,I promise you,Do not,I promise you that,I will never make a hurt you.,My mother has agreed to us together.,so,Jiaqi,We will be together later”“Who wants to be with you??”
Shen Jiaqi’s anger interrupted his words,The mind is full of Lin Dami and Gu An’an and her picture.,Every time I think of it is a pain in my heart.。
She doesn’t want to care,I will always think about it.。
Because I really can’t climb myself.,Will be as insult。
“Jiaqi”Gu Yi Lin wants to say,I saw her side.,He knows that this thing can’t be urgent,He must come slowly。
Be too urgent,It is easy to properly。
All the way,No one has no opening。
Lan Xin and Lu Hao Cheng chatted on the balcony for a while,Lu Haoge back to the room。
Blue Xin is coming to the first floor.,Xiao Jun brothers and sisters have returned to the room,Only Chu flying in the living room。
Mu Qing and Yi Tianqi are also。
Mu Qing looked at Chu Feiyang,One night is a black face。
Yi Tianqi,Sitting on a side to accompany you。
“dad,Mother,You still don’t sleep.?”
Blue Xinyou,Sitting around Mu Qing。
Yi Tianqi smiled:“Blue,Look at your mother,I haven’t laughed one night.。”
Blue Xin glanced a mother,Sisi and 瑾 妍,Jiaqi has not come back yet。
Blue Xin glanced at a mother’s gaze,Seeing that she is cold and staring at the game.,Suddenly, I know what is going on.。
But,This game of the game,It’s not a day or two.。