“what?What punch is this?”Venerable Fan Da was also taken aback,Frowning。
Although he doesn’t think Yayoi-kun will lose,But the other party’s seed,But unexpectedly gave him a lot of surprises。
now,Lu Menglin got behind Yayoi-kun,Suddenly shrank,Body breath convergence,Light as a civet cat,like a statue。
Yayoi-kun can’t perceive his opponent’s breath,Amazed,Turn around suddenly。
I don’t know that Lu Menglin seems to be able to predict,And follow his movements,Tap on toe,Change position in time。
After Yayoi-kun turned around,There is still nothing in front of me,And can’t perceive the opponent’s breath,Suddenly his face changed drastically,Like seeing a ghost。
Did the opponent have jumped out of the field??impossible!How can there be such a fast speed?Yayoi-kun doesn’t understand,How did this weird scene happen。
The audience outside the venue also all have ghostly expressions,When they saw Lu Menglin, they shrank and hid behind Yayoi-kun,When the other person turns,He walked around behind him like a ghost again。
What is Ruying,What is maggot with bone,I finally saw it today,Such a weird body,Breathtaking。
See this scene,Not only Fan Tong’s face was surprised,Even Tu Chanchu was taken aback。
He never thought about when Lu Menglin would develop such a strange posture,It looks like a leopard in Xingyiquan,But it’s obviously not a leopard footwork。
“strange!Like shape,Not any of the twelve forms of Xingyi!”Venerable Fan Da frowned,Pondered。
Although he didn’t think he could defeat Yayoi-kun with this strange footwork alone,But after all, the other party still made a move that surprised me,It’s quite amazing。
now,Yayoi-kun’s body is standing upright,Although he can’t see his opponent,But from the audience’s reaction off the court, it’s enough to judge,The opponent did not leave the arena,And just behind me。
but,Why can’t I feel his breath??What kind of exercise is this??It’s so amazing?
Yayoi-kun knows that he must never let the other party stay behind what he cannot see,When he suddenly shouted out loud,Open arms,The whole figure is like a huge spinning top,Spins fiercely。
If you don’t see it with your own eyes,Who can think of a body as big as him,Can make such a difficult action。
This turn,Spin faster than a ballerina,More sick,More agile,And his rotating arms,Like two huge iron rods,Whirring,Full of explosive power。