But unfortunately,Still single。
North Star University、library
In order to better serve the motherland in the future,Xin Zhao is studying hard here。
At this moment, he is holding a book of electromagnetic mechanics,I watched there with gusto。
‘Tut,This school girl has a great body,This is also good,Ok,As a senior, should I give some advice on their homework?,After all, studies are so stressful now,These school girls always need the warm care from the senior。’
Xin Zhao made up his mind,To be single,Pooh,When working hard for the future of the motherland,A man in black stood in front of him。
Man in black,Can’t afford,Lord Xin, I can hide。
Xin Zhao took a step left,Then continue to look at the place just now,Then I found the school girl I just selected,Now standing behind this man in black。
Could it be that,Is this school girl taken care of?!
I bought a watch last year!
Under anger,Xin Zhao turned around and walked outside,Look up at the roof,He feels he won’t be in love anymore。Could it be that this world,For someone like him who is rich and handsome,So unfriendly!
You know that he is a scholar at the North Star Academy who received a scholarship,Handsome,Height is fine,Physical strength is good,Why no one likes it。
Out of the library,Xin Zhao looks at the gray sky,Self-deprecating smile,The weather really suits my mood。
A black sleeve stood in front of Xin Zhao“Mr. Zhao,We are from the National Security Agency,I have something to discuss with you!”