Zhou Xing also sent his business card,Hu Yang is here today,To a large extent to collect business cards,These are all future network resources,and so,He is always there。
Old Chen also joins in the fun,Smiled:“or,Also look at my bronze cup。”
“Chen Lao,Stop joking。”
Chen Lao:“Talk about it!I was serious。”
That is a great cup,Lipstick,Slightly deep round belly,Tiptoe,Three high feet,So it is also called Sanjue Cup,Symmetrical columns on both sides of the mouth。
Hu Yang explained to the audience in the live broadcast room:“Ancient,Bronze regardless of size,Is a status symbol。This wine glass,Also called jue,Our current idiom‘Jiaguan Jinjue’,Jue is this thing。
It was popular during Xia, Shang and Zhou,To the Qin and Han dynasties,People almost don’t know what the Jue is。
Since Song Dynasty,The study of epigraphy with antiquities as the research object flourishes,People started to recognize the original appearance of the Shang Zhou Jue Cup,The ensuing antique style masterpiece,Antique Jue Cup currently seen,Silver、Tong Jue、Yujue and Cijue etc.。”
Populus looked through the treasure hunt,Suddenly confused,Look up at Old Chen,Look a little weird。
“how about it?”Chen Laoxiao asked。
Chapter Eighty Nine Three-layer pattern decoration