See the soldiers of the Beigong family so brave,Mu’s other three-professional team,Immediately morale increased,Plunged into the monster group,Pulled four bull monsters away。
They don’t want to lose to the Beigong family on their bravery,So I hauled a bull monster more than the opponent,I probably want to share more for the people behind。
quickly,Four teams come out,Suddenly fight with the bull monsters blocking the way,Soon more and more monsters were drawn out of the area in the way。
Watching more and more monsters hanging behind those gods,Mu Feiyan’s look dimmed,Can’t help but worry about them。
“moron!People led away the three tauren,At first glance, it is the best to clean up。They were so stupid that they even led away General Bull Demon,There are still many。This is for the ruling?I still want to be exploded by monsters!”Lu Menglin by the side,Can’t help shaking his head and sighing。
Only he is the real discerning person,I can tell at a glance,The people in Beigong are not honest,Although they are the first to take the lead,But it is the smallest and least powerful monster,There are obviously a lot of people in the Mu clan,I took most of the pressure all at once,Everyone is like killing。
Lu Menglin is not pleasing to the eye,Just break out this little detail。
“Time is running out!The sooner we kill the Bull Demon King,The less pressure on them!”Bei Gongwang ignored Lu Menglin’s muttering,Lower your voice。
Although Mu Feiyan was awakened at this time,Not angry,But there is no way,It only means looking along Beigong,Be the first to kill the Bull Demon King,The pressure of the tribe will also be reduced a lot。
Bei Gongwang takes the lead,Hand-held verdict,Rushed to the direction of the bull devil,Mu Feiyan catches up,Then Lu Menglin and Mu Xin,All four killed。
Chapter VIII Poisoning
The first three teams sacrificed their lives to lead away a large number of bull monsters,To make Lu Menglin and the four advance along,Looks extra relaxed,Basically did not encounter any decent obstacles。
The attention of a bullhead was triggered in the middle,Was killed by Bei Gongwang。
The shouts and killings around are getting farther and farther,andBOSSThe place where the Bull Demon King is getting closer。