Murong Qianxue did it,The two elders Ye sat on it。
Then came the arrogant Baili Hongtu,They also sat there,Then he went to the distance in Xia Chenglong’s eyes,Finally disappeared in the sky。
Xia Chenglong is the only one left here,The bamboo house in front of me has been destroyed by the punch just now,Baili Hongtu just wanted to kill him。
But the other party didn’t expect,Even if you let go under the immediate reaction,Xia Chenglong can also respond correctly in the fastest time。
My throat can’t help but hum,Body comes out from between the stone walls,If someone is there, you will find,At this moment, most of Xia Chenglong’s leg is trapped。
This is why you want to use your feet to support your body and stop when you are back,It is enough to show that Baili Hongtu’s punch just now used too much power。
Imperial Capital,Murong family,Baili Family,anything else,Warrior Association,Military,These guys who live at the top,I can never forget someone like him,It’s really interesting。
rest assured,He will go back sooner or later,Then let everyone know,If you want to touch the people around him, you have to pay a heavy price。
Spit out the blood that I had endured before,That kid really has a plan,Actually left him a dark wound,If it weren’t for his more protective measures,Really fooled。
Before proceeding to the next plan,Let’s take care of the injury,Otherwise it’s a question whether you can get out of here。
The body disappears in place,The next moment he appeared on the previous Jade Jade Platform,Sit down and work hard,Expel the force that invaded the body。
Chapter Ninety Ten Half step seven
noon,As Xia Chenglong exhaled a suffocating breath,The injury in the body completely recovered,I can only say that the other party is really ruthless,No room left。
Everyone is gone,There was no sadness on Xia Chenglong’s face,The strong never do,Because this will only show your cowardice。
Set up your emotions,Thinking about what to do next is the most important。