Su Ran was shocked immediately,Then looked at Xiao Fan and said:“Fan,How could it be poisoned?Why poisoned?Grandpa has always stayed well in the villa,Where does this poison come from??Is it the bottom person?I will check now。”
Xiao Fan stopped her and said:“Don’t be impulsive,Once you start to stun you, it’s not good for everyone,So you should calm down now,I will naturally investigate the rest。
Many times you need to deal with it calmly,Can handle things completely,Do you understand?”
Su Ran nodded helplessly,Because she also knows that she can’t find out anything on her own,This matter can only be handled by Xiao Fan a little bit。
And let Xiao Fan cure Fan Lao’s illness,So Su Ran looked at Xiao Fan sincerely and said:“Fan,I beg you to heal grandpa,Must make him safe,Vigorously appearing before us again。
You know my only relative now is him,He hasn’t watched me get married yet,Haven’t watched me walk into the wedding hall,So he can’t have an accident,I haven’t honored him,I had to say to stay with him well before。”
Speaking of which,Su Ran choked up,She feels that she has always been unfilial,For my dream,I neglected to take care of Fan Lao for many of my own things。
Although Mr. Fan has always been in good health,But this doesn’t mean he doesn’t need junior’s care,Su Ran felt it was his negligence,That’s why Grandpa fainted now to let them know。
Su Ran couldn’t bear to watch Fan Lao suffer from illness,I blamed myself for a while,Shen Lin naturally knew what Su Ran was thinking,But he didn’t say much。
Because he also knows that the comfort at this moment is too pale and weak,The only thing I can do is to guard her silently,Let her know that she will always stand behind her。
Su Ran still has him if something happens,So everyone is silent at this moment,Seeing Su Ran’s eyes red,An annoyed look,I feel uncomfortable。
Xiao Fan too,He also values Su Ran very much,Because the relationship between him and Fan Lao is very good,Seeing Su Ran like this, I feel uncomfortable。