Pervez·Hatak heard,Froze for a while,Then he glanced at Chen Geng gratefully。
Of course he is not stupid,After the initial consternation,Pervez·Hatak immediately understood why Chen Geng said that,But at the moment he can’t say anything,I had to thank Chen Geng in this way。
Jotson,Although I didn’t think of this in the first time,But soon,He is also relieved:If it’s not very good,It is impossible for Mr. Fernandez to accompany this Pervez·Hatak came to find himself personally,But oneself,I forgot this layer just now,Damn it,I almost offended my friend。
Think of this layer,Jotson’s heart was sweating:He absolutely refused to offend Chen Geng“friend”of,Would rather offend others“friend”,I must not offend Chen Geng’s kind。
Jotson adjusted his mentality,The smile on his face suddenly brightened by two points,Pervez·Hatak Road:“Mr. Hatak,You are a friend of Mr. Fernandez,Mr. Fernandez and I are also friends,Since everyone is friends,Then I can speak straight:Withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan、The moment the war in Afghanistan ended,The greatest strategic significance of your country to the United States disappeared,After losing this value,It is absolutely impossible for the United States to transfer this batchF-16The fighter gave you,Let the U.S. agree toF-16The hope that fighters give you,Don’t say10%,even1%nothing,Not a trace。”
Paused,Jotson went on to say:“Tell you with my personal honor,With me,What you can get is this answer,In others,You can get this answer——If someone tells you,That he can help you convince the U.S. government,Let the U.S. government agree toF-16Delivered to you,Then he must be defrauding your money。”
To Chen Geng’s surprise,Faced with this answer from Jotson,Pervez·Although Hatak frowned twice,Showed that he was very uneasy,But he actually adjusted his mentality quickly,Ask Jotson:“Mr. Chotson,Thank you very much for your frankness,in case……I mean if,If this batchF-16If the fighter has no hope at all,,Is there any way for the US government to refund this money to us??”
“Put this6.85Billion dollars refunded to you?”
Chen Geng and Qiao Tesen looked at each other,The two laughed at the same time:This joke is more funny,Money already held by the Americans,Can be returned?
What a joke。
“Absolutely impossible,”Jotson said without hesitation:“Mr. Hatak,Let me tell you,The U.S. government absolutely……100%The absolute……It’s impossible to return this money to you。”
“Can’t say that,Retreat is also possible,”Chen Geng corrects:“But the premise is that the US governmentF-16After the fighter is sold to a third party,Pay you with third-party money,It is absolutely impossible for the U.S. government to spend money from its own finances,Put this6.85Billion dollars returned to you。”
“Yes,That’s it。”Jotson suddenly,Nodding:I overlooked this possibility。