He really knew that!
In an instant,Morgan·Lord’s face is grim,Clenched his teeth,Seeing to use violence and murder to kill。
“Aren’t you curious,How did i know?and,You can guess,How many people will know?”at this time,Lu Menglin’s lazy voice said。
Chapter 841 Budo is immortal
“you.I do not know what you’re talking about!I’m leaving,I don’t want to continue pestering you people。”Morgan·Rod’s sullen face,Said quietly。
He has made up his mind,Let this Lu Menglin go,Wait until I calm down,Think clearly where it shows up,Go quietly to the door,God does not know,Just kill the opponent without knowing it。
“You are guilty?Are you trying to slip away first,Then sneak back quietly and kill me?”Lu Menglin laughed。
Morgan·Rod was shocked,My mind was broken by this kid again,Does he have a mind-reading skill?
Thinking about this,Morgan·Rod immediately became alert。
The era of national mutation is coming,Human society is facing an unprecedented upheaval,Various mutation abilities emerge in an endless stream,It’s not surprising that someone is familiar with mind reading!
“Sorry,You can’t go today。”Lu Menglin smiled。
“Humph!I am a major general of the Earth Alliance,The world’s fifth strongest。Mind reading,Don’t want to bluff me!You two go together!”Morgan·Lord Rage。
“Do not,Do not!Your opponent is not me!Old take,Do you want to finish this round?Win back!”Lu Menglin looked straight,Speak frankly。
Mao Yongfei was taken aback,He can’t believe his ears,Boss Lu even let himself continue to play?
Other people present also looked surprised,Thought I heard it wrong。
Only Wei Xiaoxing breathed a sigh of relief,Smiled at He Bu:“call!so close!I knew that the teacher was sure to get a demon moth!Fortunately, it wasn’t for me to play!Although I just happened to be able to restrain that guy,It’s okay to fight a battle,But well!Wait a few more years to be safe。Believe it or not,In a few years,I win that guy!”