Two “signals” of hyperlipidemia, develop 3 habits, often eat 1 kind of beans, blood lipids have to drop

On October 20, a high blood lipid patient in Guangzhou suffered a stroke and died on the way to hospital. He was only 46 years old.

It is reported that the patient is a company executive, and is negotiating business with the client at the time of onset.

How many patients with high blood lipids in China?

600 million are full of unhealthy eating habits, huge pressures of life, modern society lacking in sports, more and more people in the three highs, more and more common, becoming a younger trend and becoming a major killer of modern people’s health.

Authoritative data show that patients with high blood pressure and high blood lipids actually have one.

600 million.

Hyperlipidemia is the root cause of cerebral thrombosis, arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease.

The media has reported some news that artists have died of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as coronary heart disease, stroke and cerebral thrombosis due to hyperlipidemia.

The blood fat is not high. If you look at two places, you will know 1. Is there an old ring with an “elderly ring”?

It is not something that the elderly have. The “elderly ring” is a gray-white cylindrical structure around the eyeball called the “elderly ring.”

If you have an old ring, you will be wary of high blood lipids. At the same time, the “elderly ring” is also a symptom of high cholesterol and arteriosclerosis.

2, see if there is a “yellow tumor” in the eyelids. When a person’s eyelids appear not painful, red, yellow or orange nodules, plaques, this is the “yellow tumor.”

At this point, he showed excessive blood pressure in his blood vessels and high blood lipids.

Develop 3 habits, eat 1 kind of beans, exceed high blood fat, exercise properly, lose weight, and some people with high blood lipids are caused by obesity. For these people, more exercise will reduce the body weight to the normal value.Method, everyone can do some aerobic exercise every day, as long as everyone sticks to it can lose weight successfully.

The main ingredient in smoking cessation cigarettes is nicotine, which can cause the body’s blood vessels to contract, so that the stress of the heart muscle will increase, followed by an increase in blood pressure, an episode of angina, and elevated blood lipids and put everyone inA very dangerous state, so smoking does not have any benefit to the human body. Drinking a lot of alcohol also causes harm to the body.

Control diet A lot of people with high blood lipids are caused by the usual diet, so the first way to quickly reduce blood fat is to control the diet, after the blood lipids rise, high food and high cholesterol foods should not eat, mustRemember to eat less sweets, eat food must have low sugar content, it is recommended to eat more foods with high levels of vegetable protein, such as common bean foods, which are better peas.

Pea mashed into powder and drink, high blood fat “nowhere” peas instead of carotene, a variety of trace elements, replace fiber, etc., can promote the decomposition of metabolism, help reduce blood lipids, purify blood vessels.

In ancient times, traditional Chinese medicine used peas to reduce blood fat. The method of frying peas, cooking, and soup was rather rough. It was difficult to maximize the medicinal ingredients of peas, and some effective nutrients did not even play.come out.
Modern medicine, mostly through the complex and sophisticated process of extracting high-quality protein from peas for the regulation of high blood lipids, namely pea protein powder.

The pea protein through special process is more beneficial to human body absorption, and can also reduce the nutritional value and medicinal value, and the effect of lowering blood fat is better.

Studies have found that pea protein powder contains folic acid, vitamin B6, fiber, potassium, carotenoids, choline, methionine and other nutrients can reduce blood samples and blood lipids, remove accumulated debris in blood vessels, prevent arteriosclerosis, prevent various brain and brainThe occurrence of vascular disease.