In case·In the eyes of Dekovos,Chen Geng’s“Magic claw”In the engine、Especially the attainments and technical level of the transmission system is naturally not on par with Cosworth.,One can say one,In case·Decobos’ view,if there is not“Magic claw”Technical support provided,AMCIt is absolutely impossible to use only one3.8Up displacementV6The engine will“Swordfish”To be so strong,From this perspective,“Magic claw”Although not as good as Cosworth,But still very powerful,Is a respectable opponent。
“well,in case‘Magic claw’Don’t plan to participateRC、F1、DTM、Le Mans and Indy500This kind of top international car race,Only prepare to mix in the modified car circle,Why should we cooperate with you Cosworth?”
Huh,Keys·Decovos’s face turned pale。
He finally understood what Chen Geng meant:After years of development,“Magic claw”Already one of the top brands in the global car modification circle,Countless car enthusiasts have a“Magic claw”Proud of the launch of a limited edition modified car,by“Magic claw”One-to-one modified car,Was fired to the sky,Regarded as a collection,Hard to find a car on the market。
To“Magic claw”In terms of current ability and technical level,as long as“Magic claw”Not going to participate in the world’s top professional competitions,Their abilities and levels are enough for them to be in the car modification circle.,and so,Chen Genghe“Magic claw”、AMCWhy take Cosworth to play with?
Just because Cosworth is designing the engine、Modification and adjustment,In transmission and chassis、Is the adjustment level of suspension very good??
Do not make jokes!
Or not to play the top professional game circle,“Magic claw”The gap with Cosworth is completely negligible,Car modification and professional competition are two circles that overlap but are completely different,The former has much lower technical requirements than the latter,“Magic claw”Is not only strong enough to cope,And more than enough。
So here comes the question,Like what Chen Geng said,Since we are strong enough to cope with the car modification circle,Then why should we take you Cosworth to play with?
Or we might as well speak more directly、More red@bare@Be naked:What price are you willing to pay,In exchange for us to play with you?
It is obvious that,If you want to pay no price, let me play with you,That must not work。
Keith finally understood·Decobos,Sweating,I don’t know how to answer Chen Geng。
“Do not worry,”Watching Keith sweating profusely·Decobos,Chen Geng stood up:“Mr. Decobos,You can discuss with your friends,Answer me when you think about it……you know what I mean,Right?”
“This one……”Keys·Decovos hesitated,Finally nodded:“Yes,I know。”
“OK,I’m waiting for your good news。”
Looking at Chen Geng’s back,Keys·Dekovos could only smile:good news?God knows if this is good news,perhaps……Forget it?
PS:Brothers please wait a moment。