People’s Network Guiyang November 12 (Chen Jingjing) On November 11 Work in education. It is understood that teachers and students of this round of education are from Beijing Sports University.

The teaching content is mainly three big balls, track and field, gymnastics, etc .; the aim is to effectively intervene in local adolescents, stimulate young people to participate in sports, so that you can experience the fun of your compulsory education.

During the period, the Sports Education Team went into the grassroots campus. With the three big balls and foundation major projects, the Sports Education and the basic items were organized to organize different forms of sports activities, and the local adolescent physical health is effectively intervened, and there is a small and medium-sized sports curriculum teaching. Physical exercise, campus sports events, etc., the scale covers 20,000 people.

At the same time, Youth Sports, the State Sports General Administration also invited a number of Olympic champions and sports stars, and also participated in the "Take the Grassroots" event. They will present the adolescents to preach the first in the field, and brave the first For the mission of the country, vividly interpret the Olympic spirit and the spirit of China’s sports, further stimulate the enthusiasm of young people to participate in sports. In addition, in order to accelerate the construction of the physical education integration system of the Home Policy, promote social forces to participate in service youth health career, and young people, the State Sports General Administration also join the Cai Chongxin Public Welfare Foundation, Shanghai Oita Intelligent Technology Company participates in this "grass grassroots "Activity.

Among them, Cai Fund will invest more than 4 million yuan in woven gold, etc., and the venue facilities upgrade, equipment donation, teacher training, and event organizations.

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