Defend your “the day after tomorrow” after the summer

As the temperature gets higher and higher, our body also has a series of uncomfortable symptoms.
Mainly manifested as decreased appetite, lack of physical fitness, reduced work efficiency and so on.
What caused this series of adverse effects?
The rise in temperature is only an external cause, and the root cause is that our body itself has problems.
Xiaobian tells you that there is a problem with the spleen and stomach.
Chinese medicine believes that spleen and stomach is the key to health in summer.
Let’s take a closer look!
  Why is the summer of spleen and stomach is the key? Xiaobian’s grandfather has a lot of research on Chinese medicine. When he was a child, he often told him: “The spleen is the foundation of the day after tomorrow, and it has the effect of transporting and clearing.
“At the time, I could only understand it. What is the “the essence of the day after tomorrow”?
What is “transportation”?
What is “literation”?
These problems are also known after adulthood.
The day after tomorrow is the foundation, that is, the root of healthy growth after birth.
After a person falls to the ground, all life activities depend on food and water.
The nutrients needed for growth are also ingested through food.
The role played by the spleen and stomach in the growth and development of the human body is “transportation” and “lifting”.
The stomach has the function of transporting. After receiving the food, the stomach begins to secrete gastric acid to digest the food, and the food is initially digested and then transferred to the spleen for further nutrient absorption.
At this point, the operation of the stomach is over.
The spleen has a clearing effect, which further digests and absorbs the food more carefully.
The spleen is able to absorb the nutrients that are abundant in the food for the body’s daily needs.
  We can see that the work of the stomach and spleen are complementary, closely related, and indispensable.
Only when the spleen and stomach are healthy can the body function in a healthy and orderly manner.
In summer, not only is the temperature high, but it is often rainy, humid and hot, and it is prone to hot and humid.
In a hot and humid environment, the spleen and stomach can feel the most discomfort, which leads to a series of problems such as decreased appetite and qi and blood deficiency.
Therefore, spleen and stomach are especially important in summer.
  The benefits of raising the spleen and strengthening the stomach Since the spleen is “the essence of the day after tomorrow”, the spleen can be called the energy of the body.
If a friend with poor physical quality is able to make up for it by adjusting the spleen and stomach in life, he can also achieve health and longevity. Relatively, a friend with good physical quality, if not paying attention to the health of the spleen and stomach in daily life, can also lead to serious body.disease.
There are several types of benefits in spleen and stomach.
  1, improve appetite Many people in the summer will lose appetite, no appetite, the food intake decreased significantly, resulting in the body can not absorb enough nutrients, time will lead to malnutrition, the external performance is “face yellow muscle thin.”
These are the ills of the spleen.
“People are iron, rice is steel.” Poor appetite will lead to a series of adverse effects.
  2, weight loss and related research shows that obesity is often caused by spleen deficiency, kidney deficiency.
The temper is weak, which leads to the failure of the “transportation” work. The excessive accumulation of water and nutrients in the body cannot be absorbed in time, leading to obesity.
In addition, patients with spleen deficiency are prone to generalized weakness and indigestion.
  3, prevention of chronic gastroenteritis Spleen and stomach health, digestion and absorption function is no problem, then the function of the body departments will also be improved.
It is very helpful for the prevention and treatment of chronic gastroenteritis.
  How to raise the spleen and stomach Xiaobian said so much, just to tell everyone that the first step in summer health is to raise the spleen and stomach.
So, how to raise the spleen and stomach in summer is the right way to maintain health?  1, “Yangyang” to wet spleen, its roots are damp heat.

Therefore, dehumidification is the preferred method.

The method of dehumidification, Xiaobian here recommend two simple and feasible methods: the first one, appropriate nap.

Many office workers have a short break at noon, and it is too late to take a lunch break. However, Xiao Bian still recommends that you take a proper amount of rest. Even if you close your eyes for 10 minutes, it will be effective.

Excessive fatigue can cause water to stay in the body for a long time, increasing spleen deficiency.

  Second, don’t be too greedy and cool.

In summer, the weather is hot, and many people don’t leave their mouths, or stay in the air-conditioned environment.

In fact, this will lead to increased body moisture.

The body is only temporarily comfortable, and some of the problems that come with it will directly affect our health.

Therefore, it is not advisable to eat cold drinks in summer, and it is most suitable to use electric fans to cool down.

  2, moderate aerobic exercise summer hot weather, rapid exercise can easily lead to dehydration and heat stroke.

So, just do some relaxing aerobic exercise in the summer.

For example, walking slowly for 30 minutes, slow walking after dinner can promote digestion and protect the spleen and stomach.

Xiao Bian also recommended a sport to everyone – sit-ups.

You can do it without going out at home, and it is more suitable for friends who are not willing to go out.

Sit up and do 20-40 times a day.