Wang Youcai wanted to come forward and ask,But I don’t think these two people are good people,He better ask less,It’s best not to show up in this life。
After Wang Youcai heard the news,,I didn’t feel the taste after eating。Because people like Lu Monkey,He can do any bad things。
Monkey Lu really wants to know that his father is going to be the director of a private hospital,Will he be foolish from it,It’s really hard to tell。When Wang Youcai never came out of the store,,Because thinking about this question,He almost didn’t even pay for the meal。It seems that this Lu monkey appeared,Not a good thing。
Wang Youcai slumped his head back to the small clinic。Doctor Lu is giving a patient’s pulse,He looked up at Wang Youcai and said nothing。
He Jing glanced at Wang Youcai and smiled:“Boss Wang was too tired last night,Why do you look listless?”
There is something in He Jing’s words,Wang Youcai can’t tell。He just smiled and said:“Drank too much,Your imagination is a bit rich”
What Wang Youcai said,He Jing knows well,She laughed first herself。Provoke a few people who came to see the doctor,Followed by a burst of laughter。
Wang Youcai strolled around the small clinic,Then I called their financial agent,Asked how much money is left in the account。
There is nothing wrong with paying Cuiying,It’s just that Wang Youcai doesn’t want to pay in such a hurry。He wants to press for a few more days,Some things he has to remember slowly。After all, you have to pay so much money at once,Wang Youcai is still a little caring。
Finish this call,Wang Youcai drove to the supermarket again。Every time I go back to the mountains,These things must be done。Because there are dozens of people in the mountains waiting to eat。
Have a truckload,Wang Youcai drove the car to the mountains。He walks,While thinking about what happened these days,Suddenly he remembered Xia Jian。If it wasn’t for Xia Jian to accompany him this time,SZif,His eldest brother’s matter is really impossible to handle with his ability。
especiallySZHe can also find such a powerful character,This shows how capable Xia Jian is。It seems that Wang Youcai’s two blows in Pingcheng City,It’s incomparable with Xia Jian。
Suddenly he stopped the car。He needs to call Xia Jian,Ask if Xia Jian is back。After all, they went out together。
As a result, the phone rang for a long time,No one picks up。It’s almost twelve o’clock now,He shouldn’t be sleeping,Why doesn’t he answer the phone??
Wang Youcai thought about it and sent a message over“Are you back yet?I just ask,Nothing else”
After sending this text message,Wang Youcai drove the car and quickly returned to the Chenzhuang planting base。Business as usual,The work at the base is carried out in an orderly manner。This will come down to the two people Tian Wa and Liu Changgui。Without their leaders,These workers can’t do so much work。
At dinner,Wang Youcai specially asked Liu Ying to add two drinking dishes。Then he called Tian Wa and Liu Changgui to his office。
Tian Wa smiled as soon as she walked in:“Wang Ge!Invite us to dinner today,Is there something happy?”
“Nothing happy,Don’t we eat anymore?I have been working in the city all this time,I’ll leave everything here to you two,So I have to buy you two glasses”Wang Youcai smiled,Turning his eyes。