However, these are not what is Li Hui’s style.,Just dare to provoke him,Then he will fight without hesitation.。
Li Laoquan does not understand what is the meaning of Li.,But he is hard to let the person drink again.,Because Li Hui’s wind can be said to die。
Just after Li Hui, I just walked soon.,The people who drink Xianquan are directly feeling hot.,Then it is hot,Finally, he feels that the whole person seems to be fired.。
“water,Big brother,Give me some water,I feel like burning.。”
“Big brother” Look at the pain of your brother,Li Lao has a little frightened to look at Li Hui’s far away.,He thought that Li Hui’s words were just excessive ingredients.,I didn’t expect that the other party actually said.。
“Big brother,Save me。”
Looking at the brothers of the bone of the earth,Li Lao Da bites his teeth and prepares to go to the village to find Li with the wind.。
Just waiting for him yet,Li Hui’s voice sounded again。
“Take him into the river to go to the east,Let him get a night in the water.,As for it, I can’t get it.,Just look at him.,If I treat him,I am afraid that he is faster。”
“You have not gone?”
How did Li Lao Da did not expect that Li Hui Feng, who had left, will come back again.。
“hehe,I am gone.,Your brother is afraid that you can’t live.,I really thought that I will give you a bite, let you restore such as the beginning.?
I have said that I have to have a month.。”
“exactly,What you said,We will send him to the big river.。”
Say,Several Li Laozi carried it directly to the convenience and ran toward the river.。
Just ran halfway yet,Several people feel that the other party is really too hot.。
And that person is even more painful.。
Li Hui has been following the back,See this scene,Also directly,Lift the other party quickly rushed to the river,I still put the other side.。
Thud “brother,He is fine.?”
“Is there anything I don’t know?,But at least one leather is true.,You are going,I went back to sleep.。”
Li Hui Feng does not want to die,But he also said,His kindness is not every time.,Because the other person is a special occupation after all,。
This time,Li Hui has not come back.,But I really have to go back to practice.。
The next morning,Li Hui, get up early,Then prepare to go to the mountain tissue wild hill mushroom to taste。
Because he suddenly found,Xu Ruzhen came here for several days.,He has not always taking care of people,Instead, people will help people look at the orchard。
Chapter 206
I haven’t waited for Li Hui Shangshan.,He saw the six people last night and actually came to him next to him.。
Let him surprised,That person actually came over。
At the same time, Li took the wind and understood one thing.。
Xianquan drinks no problem alone,And will also feel comfortable。
But just drink with water or other things,One hundred% will have some other situation,For example, body fever。
Moreover, the more side effects, the more side effects.,But as long as you go through,It seems that the result is better.。
Because he has seen the one who threw the water last night, it has now recovered.,Even should be better than before.,The skin is white.。