Chapter 22 Fusion power
Magnolia Continental Plane,Seventeenth Floor of the Cemetery of the Gods。
In the ice world,Violent wind howls,Directly drive away the deep chill。
Harris in the tattered robe raised his head,He is very familiar with this breath of wind power,That is the one who remembers deeply,Once hated,Also afraid of the strong。
“Beirut。。Mr?!”The tone of the purple blood devil is like expectation and anger,But have to be polite。
“Harris!”With small eyes,The bearded old man Beirut appeared in front of the purple blood demon。“It’s been another thousand years。”。
“Mr. Beirut,You came here for the promise made more than 3,000 years ago。”The super strong purple blood demon once famous in hell,At this moment, it seems a bit humble and hopeful。
“Yes,Harris,It seems I have to congratulate you first,You are about to be free。”There was a smile on the corners of Beirut’s mouth。
“Get free?!Great,Mr. Beirut, tell me,What do you want me to do!”A trace of ecstasy appeared on the face of the purple blood demon,“I will swear to the Supreme God of Destiny to do it for you,The premise is。。。You give me freedom。”
Beirut laughed but said nothing,There was a sudden wave of fluctuations in the body,This wave of power seems to shatter some kind of shackles on the seventeenth floor of the cemetery of the gods。
“Click,Click~”There is a ripple on the 17th floor of the cemetery of the gods,Obviously there is no structural damage,But it makes the sound of broken objects。。。
Because the broken。。。The power that binds the purple blood demon。