The black-robed old man has not spoken yet,Qin Nanming laughed loudly。
“Where did the wild species come from?Actually boast,Also worthy of challenging me?Get out,Otherwise, I will slap you to death!”Qin Nanming attaches great importance to his son,Subconsciously want to avoid war。
Although he still can’t see the level of that young man,But based on his experience,Jumped out to find something at this critical time,Usually demon moths,Don’t let Chu Sheng take risks。
“Dare you move me?Is the Code of Childhood a display??I’m underage,Like that little beast,Certainly qualified to challenge him!”The Voice Transmission of He Buyi Landing Menglin,Seriously。
This remark,The whole street is a sensation。Everyone was in an uproar。
“This boy makes sense!He is also a child,Qin Chusheng could not avoid war!”
“Yes!Finally someone stepped forward!Kill that little beast!”
“This boy is courageous,But I don’t know if I can beat that little beast!Don’t sacrifice in vain。”
Unexpectedly, an inexplicable wild boy suddenly jumped out,Openly challenge Qin Chusheng,And it’s actually following the idea of the Code of Children,It’s hard to refute。
The three city elders looked at each other,You look at me one after another,I see you,Don’t know what to do。
“Mischief!It’s just kidding!Comer,Drive him away!”The elder of the black robe Yasi was displeased,Shouted。
Elder Black Robe only ordered,Several Qin family members strode forward immediately,Staring at He Bu,Looks like he’s going to eat him。