Xia Chenglong didn’t panic at all,Take out the crystal core from the sleeve,“This martial art only needs to have it。”
“Damn,But what,This person was peeked while practicing,I didn’t kill you directly, so I burned the incense,What’s so good。”
Just when the woman was at a loss,Xia Chenglong walked over and embraced his neck like a brother,Towards the room。
“Missy,What are you doing here?”
Led by Xia Chenglong,Only now did Tu Cancan remember:“Tujia ancestor worship,My grandfather asked you to prepare and go over and take a look。”
Ancestor worship?
Xia Chenglong was very curious!
It turns out that ancestor worship activities are held in Tujia every year,The place is in the hill behind Tujia,This is to remind everyone not to forget the efforts of the ancestors。
“I’m not suitable,after all……”
Tu Cancan gave a white look:“Come on,Haven’t you been talking about going to see the back of the Tufu?,Not going for such a good opportunity,Then……”
“do not,Go! Go! Go,How can I not say about such a big thing?,Just be humble。”