Tian Lu is absent-minded,Although my mind is guided by the guide,Still smirk like a nympho。She doesn’t know if what happened last night was right or wrong,The strange feeling is greater than the unbearable common sense。
Lin Hai and Ding Kelan in the cabin are guided by another guide,Smoothly changed into a diving suit and supporting oxygen equipment, etc.。
Chen Amei and Tian Lu groped how to put the wetsuit on the clothes according to the guide’s operation mode,Somewhat difficult to dress,Ding Kelan saw it at a glance,Is own employee、Is the girl who had a special relationship with him。His eyes never looked away,I think she has a special attraction,And magnetic field。
Lin Hai come here,Follow Ding Kelan’s eyes,The two girls in front of me are very familiar。Lin Hai cheered up:“The girl who loves you chasing you is no one here。”59Library
“You got it wrong,How did we come,How did they come,Don’t you know,Didn’t you decide the schedule here?。”Ding Kelan still stared at Tian Lu。
The successfully dressed Lin Hai is the first to jump into the sea to experience the feeling of a diver。
Ding Kelan’s eyes didn’t want to leave Tian Lu’s direction for a moment,Seeing Chen Amei is already dressed,Tian Lu’s dress and protective measures are still groping。
Ding Kelan shook his head,I really want to go up and help her,Haven’t waited for Ding Kelan to tell whether she is wearing,Tian Lu saw Chen Amei had jumped into the sea,Put on an oxygen mask at will and go down to the sea,Once in the sea,I didn’t bring my oxygen mask,Thrown off by the sea。
Tian Lu’s long hair is soaked in water,Flurry in the sea,Breathing more and more flustered,Holding hands all around。
Ding Kelan has been observing Tian Lu,See Tian Lu jump into the sea,Found in the clear sea,Tian Lu by the side“thump”。
Dinke Lanton feels the situation is not good,Let’s go into the water to save people。Swim to Tian Lu’s side,Hold your breath and drag Tian Lu up。Guide and others on board,Drop the lifeline,Ding Kelan grabbed,Under the response of the people on board,Successfully boarded。
Tian Lu takes off the mask,Choked and coughed a few times,Spit out a mouthful of water,Just relieved,Ding Kelan akimbo,Looking greedily at the embarrassed Tian Lu,A sly smile。