Global suspension!Broadway, how does the West End “self-help”?
Influenced by the epidemic, the two major theater performance centers in the world ceased operations, opened online performances, major social donations buried in Europe, the United States and other regions, the recent spread of the epidemic, various art venues closed, and news of the cancellation or extension of performances followed one after anotherThe Grand Theatre Performance Center, Broadway in the United States and the West End of London, UK, stage a large number of plays every year. These plays are “wind vane” -style existences. They will become the transfer target in the eyes of major performers in the world and in the coming year.The appointed repertoire of major prototypes also comes from here.However, affected by the epidemic, performances on Broadway in the United States, the West End of London, and even Europe are facing a readjustment. What is the global performance market under the epidemic experiencing and what are the subsequent impacts?On Broadway in the United States, how is the West End “self-helping”?    [Broadway]Before the suspension of business, there were 31 works in operation, with a loss of more than 100 million US dollars. On March 12, the Broadway Alliance confirmed that a person was at the Booth Theater on March 3, March 7 and February 25, 3.On January 1st, he worked as a part-time instructor at the Brooks Atkinson Theater, and the New Coronary Pneumonia virus test was positive.After two public statements announcing that Broadway will continue to “open”, it was finally announced that all Broadway theaters will be closed for 30 days at 5 p.m. local time on March 12 in the United States.It is understood that a total of 31 works were staged before Broadway’s closure, and it is expected that the loss of closure will exceed US $ 1 billion.  New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said in an interview with CNN on the morning of March 12 local time that he was unwilling to shut down Broadway altogether and was seeking new solutions to reduce industry losses.”If we can avoid it, I don’t want to see the lights on Broadway blocks go out. It will be decided in the next two days whether to shut down Broadway shows or limit the theater’s capacity.”Bai Sihao did not wait for such a long time to decide, but just a few hours after him, New York Governor Andrew Como announced that from March 13th, New York would prohibit any gathering of more than 500 people.The Broadway Alliance decided to comply with government requirements, all Broadway performances will be suspended until April 12, and the performance will resume on April 13, but they also said that “the corresponding decision will be made according to the actual situation.”It is reported that in the history of Broadway, in 1919, 1960, 1964 and 1975, the theater was closed for a different length of time due to strikes, and the most recent dimming of Broadway ‘s neon lights was 2001.After the incident, it was closed for two days due to traffic.The Wall Street Journal analysis pointed out that if the cost of theaters, performances and related institutions and the impact on New York’s overall economy are taken into account internally, the loss of Broadway box office revenue alone is estimated to be $ 1 billion, which is quite impressive.  Struggling to compete for industry to provide financial assistance to art practitioners The first time Broadway Alliance announced the closure of all theaters, the American Musicians Association and the Actors Rights and Interests Association voiced together, resulting in the US government ‘s actor and work affected by the closure of the theater due to the epidemicPersonnel provide financial assistance.In a statement, Adam Krautham, president of the New York Musicians Association, said: “With the closure of Broadway Theaters, we must begin to ensure the rights of artists.All our relevant government agencies take immediate action to adopt an existing economic relief plan to ensure that all art workers receive medical care and unemployment relief during the workplace closure.”At the same time, Mary McCor, executive director of the Actors’ Rights Protection Association, said in another statement that the association will be backed by all members and participate in each participant to ensure that members are protected and paid during the shutdown, includingPaid leave, medical insurance, and unemployment benefits are available: “We have negotiated with the theater directors and continue to pay the members of the association during the theater’s closure.”At present, many theater production companies in the United States are on the one hand to raise more funds for the future to support the production of the repertoire during the month-long suspension period, while the other side is still waiting for the government to introduce specific policies to compensate for the cancellation of the performance.The economic loss of the period, the appearance of the suspension period has caused major interference in the release of all new dramas and the arrangement of the entire spring performance season, and even the triggering of some drama declarations. The Tony Awards ceremony of this antique in June has also been completedThe extension will be announced, and the new date will be determined based on the reopening of Broadway.Performing groups have started to save themselves. For example, The Alley Theatre in Houston, USA announced that George Orwell’s masterpiece “1984” will be canceled for the rest of the show, but the repertoire will be recorded and produced within 14 days.The viewing invitation code is sent to the ticket purchase audience for the remaining sessions.The theater called: “Audiences, if economic conditions permit, please try not to refund the tickets. The worth of the tickets can make up for the costs already spent and help the artist to overcome the difficulties.”Actor funds should be raised for watching performances online. According to Broadway News, after the alliance announced the closure of the theater, the experts and actors of the Broadway Shutdown Theater are preparing to provide online performances to the audience, some of which will appear in the form of concerts, targeting these artists.In general, the idea of live broadcasting comes from looking for another way to improve personal creativity when the theater is closed.For example, Broadway actor Telly Leung recently starred in the musical “Aladdin” on Broadway. He decided to participate in a 30-minute online concert. He pointed out in an email to Broadway News, “We do n’t know whether this wayFeasible, whether the system will collapse (due to many artists performing online), whether people will actually watch, but we want to find a new way to continue to make music when everything is cancelled.”The concert will be broadcast on Telly Leung’s music partner Gary Adler’s music platform. The audience will pay $ 5, and part of the proceeds will be used for the actor fund.In addition, producer Jerry M. Wayne said that he was discussing with some new playwrights and playwrights who ended the show early due to the closure of the theater. He hopes to launch the series on some well-known live broadcast platforms in the next time.Online reading channels of reading materials, through this action to solicit donations from the actor fund and other organizations.  [West London]Starting donations through online performances Since March 16, local time, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson suggested reducing unnecessary contact and not going to theaters and other places. The London Theatre Association (SOLT) officially issued a statement that all SOLT (Including the West End) and UK Theatre (UK Theare) members will be closed (including the performance of the evening).As one of the two major annual events in the theater industry, it was originally scheduled for April 2020 at the Royal Albert Hall Antique 2020 Oliver Award Award Ceremony, and the cancellation was confirmed one day later.According to statistics, more than 15.3 million people watched dramas and musicals in London in 2019, more than 1 million more than Broadway.The suspension of business caused heavy economic losses, and the London drama industry began to “self-help”.  The London Theatre Association and the British Theatre have jointly created a small charity website (theatre support).info), providing information on charities related to British theaters, hoping that charities can help artists who are unemployed due to the closure of the venue due to the new crown pneumonia.In addition, more than 50 artists and professionals plan to launch a brand new online performance project on April 23 when the Shakespeare Festival arrives. This event will perform live performances of song and dance, comedy, dance and drama, prompting the mostChallenging people in the art world raised funds to participate in the British actor Danny Mac said: “At this moment of global crisis, many of our colleagues in the art field are facing difficulties. It is very important to promote solidarity and mutual support. This is for the need.The appropriate way for people to raise funds and let the audience continue to enjoy the live performance.”The series of concerts attended by stars in the West End of the city is also online, starting at 14:30 on Monday, March 23, there will be three 45-minute performances each day at a cost of 7.5 pounds.The musicals “Eugenius” and “The Wind in the West of the Willow Forest” also announced that they will broadcast all the programs on social platforms to raise funds for the “Performance for Others” charity.On March 25, the Barn Theater also announced that the “Henry V” produced by the theater will be broadcast live, and called on the society to raise funds for the theater.  The British media reportedly reported on March 24 that the Arts Council England announced 1.The £ 600 million emergency fund plan provides emergency funding to organizations affected by the new coronary pneumonia crisis to protect people working in art institutions during the shutdown.  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