Pinduoduo preview: the new iPhone SE will replace tens of billions of supplements
After Apple released the new iPhone SE, in the evening of April 16, Zong Hui, the person in charge of Pinduoduo’s tens of billions of subsidies, said that Pinduoduo’s “ten billions of subsidies” have been arranged, “surprise tomorrow (17th).”Zong Hui said that Pinduoduo has set up a new Apple mobile phone supplement group to quickly organize brand manufacturers to formulate a joint subsidy strategy to ensure inventory,” to allow consumers to buy new mobile phones at the lowest price in the entire network as soon as possible.On the evening of April 15th, Apple officially launched the new iPhone SE, which will provide 64GB, 128GB and 256GB capacities, and is available in black, white and red appearances, starting at 3299 yuan, pre-orders begin at 8 pm on April 17, 24Officially released on the day.It is understood that the background data of Pinduoduo shows that after the release of the new iPhone SE, as of 12:00 on April 16, more than 1.48 million consumers have poured into the “10 billion subsidy” platform to search for “new iPhone” “iPhone SE” and other relatedKeywords: “10 billion subsidies-Apple special” visits exceeded 20 million per day.Pinduoduo said that since 2020, the company has continued to expand the scale of “10 billion subsidies”, and in February Pinduoduo also launched the “10 billion subsidies festival”.At that time, Zong Hui disclosed that Pinduoduo will continue to expand the scope of “10 billion subsidies” commodities this year, and the ratio of the highest subsidies will be increased from 20% to 50%.Sauna, night net editor Lu Yifu Chen Li proofreading Wang Xin