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Raspberries are mainly divided into two types: red raspberries and black raspberries. The nutrients contained in them are different. Raspberries are only cultivated in a small number of regions in China. Therefore, the prices of raspberries in China are generally very high.Big expensive.

However, in the United States and other regions, a few are a major fruit of the locals. When eating raspberries, you must learn the correct way to eat them so that they can play a better taste.

First, how to eat red raspberries?

1. Wash a few (100 grams) of red raspberries into a small bowl, add a few honey and eat directly with a small spoon.

Because the taste of red berries is slightly more acidic than sweet.

With honey, the sweetness and sweetness is moderate, and it is very palatable.

2. Wash a few (50 grams) of red raspberries.

Stir directly with the original yogurt, don’t add other ones and process into a cup of red raspberry yogurt.

3. Wash a few (50 grams) of red raspberries.

Stir directly in the original ice cream and eat with moderate sweet and sour taste, and cool and refreshing.

4. Wash the red raspberries (200 g).

Put it in a stainless steel pot and slowly cook it into a red raspberry jam. Add an appropriate amount of honey according to the taste of the individual, so that the red raspberry jam is processed.

One of the best jams for breakfast toast.

Supplement: The practice of red raspberry jam. Pour the red raspberry pieces and sugar into the pot, heat over low heat, and stir with a small spoon while cooking.

Add water and stir.

Add lemon juice and continue cooking until the raspberries are soft and rotten. After the jam is thick, remove from heat and let cool naturally.

After the glass bottle is sterilized with boiling water, wipe it clean with kitchen paper, then pour the raspberry sauce, and tighten the packaging to save it.

If you mind red raspberry seeds, you can use a food processor to break up the raspberries before you pour them into a pan.

Of course, there will be a feeling of fruit.

Sweetness can be adjusted according to personal preference.

But while reducing the amount of sugar, the shelf life will also be shortened.

It is best to choose a sealed container made of glass to make the jam easier to store and no problem for months.

In addition, it is very important: the container must be disinfected; the container must be wiped clean, oil-free and water-free, otherwise the jam will easily deteriorate.

Lemon juice is beneficial for the extraction and function of pectin.

You can also buy a commercially available concentrated lemon juice.

Second, the effects and effects of raspberries Fruity slightly sweet, sour, warm, Zhejiang and Fujian areas often use its immature fruits instead of pots as medicines, with astringent and refined kidneys to help Yangmingmu, sober up thirst, relieve phlegm and detoxifyEfficacy, treating kidney deficiency, nocturnal emission, drunkenness, erysipelas, etc.

The leaves are slightly bitter, and have the functions of clearing heat and clearing the throat, detoxifying, swelling, and sore. It treats sore throat, multiple abscesses, mastitis and other symptoms. In the Xiangxi region of Hunan, people often smash young leaves and mash them to feed animals to treat diarrhea.

In addition, the content of vitamin E in raspberries also ranks first in all kinds of fruits.

Natural superoxide dismutase and vitamin E are excellent human scavengers, which can eliminate a large number of harmful metabolites produced by the human body, improve human immunity, fundamentally improve the internal environment of the human body, and achieve the goals of beauty, beauty, and longevity.

Long-term consumption of raspberries can effectively protect the heart and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as hypertension, atherosclerosis of the vascular wall, and rupture of cerebral vascular sclerosis.

Raspberry ketones extracted from raspberries can effectively burn aunt, its effect is 3 times that of capsaicin.

Slimming products with raspberry ketone as the main ingredient have become popular products in foreign markets.

Scientists in the United States and Japan have researched that daily intake of fresh tree berries or corresponding fruit products has a good effect on controlling weight and maintaining body shape.

Third, the nutritional value of raspberries 1.

Raspberry’s natural anti-cancer substance “embedded flower acid” content exceeds that of blueberries and ranks first among all kinds of edible.


Raspberry fruit has a sugar content of 5.

58-10.67%, similar to apple, pear, and citrus fruit; acid content is 0.


17%; usually also rich in vitamin C, B1, B2, B12 and minerals, the amino acid content is higher than apples, grapes.


The content of plant SOD superoxide dismutase in raspberries ranks first in various fruits, and the content of vitamin E is also very rich. Regular consumption can resist aging, have cosmetic effects, improve immunity, and prevent tumors.