Thicker skin to live longer

As the saying goes: “People want face, tree to skin”, originally this is the virtue of being a man, but can not be overdone; as the saying goes: “No heart without lungs, not tired of living”, first, stupid stupid, confused and aliveThere is no feeling of being too tired to live; the second is to say that you have to face your face, and to be an ordinary person, you can live longer.

  There are certain reasons for the two grammar languages. Especially for the elderly, unit affairs and family affairs are not taken care of. The main task is how to do well in health care, prolong life, no need to worry about work, and make you tired and tired.Unbearable, encounter some annoying things, do not have to be so strong and eager to face, but pay more attention to change your temper, as long as there is food, wear, live, you will be happy, it will naturally prolong life.
  When people are old, they may have a thicker face.

Just do something wrong, make a mistake, and don’t let yourself go.

Don’t go through the face and do something stupid.

On the road of life, no one can avoid doing good things and not doing bad things. If you do the right thing, don’t do wrong things, you can see if you can do bad things, take lessons in time, sum up experience, reflect on yourself, and turn bad things into good things.And again, to face too much, sometimes it hurts yourself.

In fact, let the elderly face thick, that is, not to be harmful to health.

Living is seen to be lower, from leadership to ordinary people, from rich to poor, in order to ensure health, you have to be a little bit of Ah Q, do not take care of your own face because of the useless facePhysical and mental health.

  Therefore, Director Li Xiaolong, a psychologist at the Wuhan Psychological Hospital, proposed the following “four points”: First, it was a little hot.

People live a little more violently, and they must be bold and timid when they are in trouble. Don’t be shy and answer, they can open up the situation in life, do a good job in society, and be healthy and healthy.

Especially for female friends, most of the people who are sultry and outgoing are more free and relaxed, and live long and happy.

  The second is a bit more chic.

Open your heart and feel how happy you are.

Don’t restrain yourself.

Some old people don’t dare to show up in new clothes. New, beautifully worn inside, old ones outside, this is not enough performance.

With money, it’s okay to eat and dress well, why not?

It is a daily attitude to do things in a generous manner and live in harmony.

  Third, there is less shyness.

That is to say, the elderly should jump out of the shackles of feudal thoughts. Don’t be shy to participate in cultural and social activities in the society, such as dancing, making friends with men and women, making a big deal, and doing things right and doing things, not afraid of people who are talking about bad things, even more.Don’t create a sense of shame yourself, but cause mental stress, bad mood, and damage to health.

  Fourth, the skin is thicker.

Everyone lives in a complex society, all kinds of people have it, can do troubles or obstacles in everything, and there are doubts and even attacks, so it is necessary to learn less.Considering the face, the face should be thicker, otherwise it will be unpleasant and depressed, and naturally it will damage mental health.