After hardships, I have gone through the storms, I have seen the old Chinese doctors become talented roads, and I am a self-improving Chinese medicine practitioner (1)

Wang Pengfei: Beijinger.

Military Chinese medicine pediatrics clinical for nearly 50 years.

The three generations of medical ancestral ancestors, the use of medicine, unique style, is a famous pediatrician in Beijing, people affectionately call him “children.”

Today, let’s take a look at how Wang’s predecessors grew up step by step.

Young Chinese medicine practitioners!

Come on!

Work hard for the rise of Chinese medicine!

Family background: “My family has been in the military pediatrics since the grandfather.

In his early years, his grandfather Wang Runji had spent a lot of time each year in the clinics in Beijing, and went deep into the clouds, Guizhou, Sichuan and other areas. He was relieved of the pain of the local people, and he also learned from the local herbalists.

The richness and variety of folk medicine, the use of drugs to replace, the speed of curative effect, so that my grandfather opened his eyes, and deeply marveled.

Therefore, in the future diagnosis and treatment of drugs, but also slowly turned to Jane, easy, cheap, test, and began to prepare their own medicine, emergency patients can stand up, the drug price is cheap, the effect is rapid, affecting the expansion of the day, began to be known as “Child king.”
My father, the prince Zhong Cheng, succeeded in learning, worked hard, studied hard, and tried his best to spread the heart of his grandfather. The name of the doctor became more and more noisy.

Before the liberation, he served as the president of the Peking People’s Medical Association (formerly the predecessor of the Beijing Chinese Medicine Association).

“Growth experience: “I grew up in a family of Chinese medicine practitioners. I have heard it from a young age, and I have personally experienced the relief of Chinese medicine for a lot of patients, which made me fall in love with Chinese medicine.

When I was 18, I was studying in the preparatory course of the National University of Beijing. My father was eager to teach family studies, so I started to practice medicine. Let me systematically study classic Chinese medicine.

I spent the whole three years studying the “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classics”, “Treatise on Febrile Diseases”, “The Golden Deficiency”, “Difficulties” and “Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic”, and often to the famous Beijing medical doctors such as Wang Fengchun, MaZuo Liang, Yuan Hejun, etc. ask for advice, and it is also called not shallow.

For the study of classic works, it was reading while memorizing, until the back was full.

Most of the provisions of the “Nei Jing”, after more than 20 years, I can still recite it without any lack of ground, which is entirely due to the basic skills of the rote memorization.

After finishing the classics, my father asked me to read the “Compendium of Materia Medica”, “Materia Medica”, “Materia Medica”, “Medical Substances”, “Warm Latitude”, “Shou Shi Bao Yuan”, “Young and Child Integration””, Baby and Children’s Questions”, “Food Materia Medica” and other books.

In addition, he often said that “the clinic is like a squad, the use of drugs such as soldiers,” and let me peruse “Sun Tzu’s Art of War, thirteen articles” and other books.

The purpose is to let me read more, read the works of other doctors extensively, and try to inherit the academic thoughts and clinical experience of the predecessors.

Solid basic theory learning plays a big role in the clinical work that can be dealt with in the future.

I have talked about some experiences above. The purpose is to show that young Chinese medicine practitioners should first learn the basic theory in a solid way, and at the same time, they must selectively connect the doctors of the past generations to learn, so that they can achieve their own goals and reach a certain stage.Create on a first-class basis.