the following few days,The overall strength of the sea demon is getting stronger and stronger。
One wave is one wave,Tens of thousands of people are no longer the initial excitement,Killed is numb。
Kill the enemy,Or being killed。
Sea demon collapsed,Back to the knots,Tightening time to supplement the real yuan。
Five days later,Mountain feet tens of thousands of spirit,Sharply 5,000。
In other words,every day,At least one thousand people die。
But can live,Uncommon, uncomfortable exctest skills。
This is also a process of big waves.。
This day。
I only see the horizontal sea area,Passive Ma Ma rushed to a large number of sea demon,Too much quantity。
Almost locust transit,Shake a sea area,Form a huge cloud。
The demon formed,It’s too strong.,The vitality,If you want to tear the world。
Everyone’s sense limit,At least ten thousand numbers have been seen。
And there is no end,There is still endless sea demon set。
Four people standing on the top of the mountain,I stayed at once.。
“How……How this,this,this……so much……”The most powerful Miao Wuling,The sound began to tremble,A moment of loss,Face 狰狞 distortion,Fear fear。
“How so many sea demon!”
“The lowest is Ling Haijing,How to stop this?”
There are ten thousand sea demon only to see,The lowest is Ling Haijing,Among them, there are no number of more powerful atmosphere fluctuations.。
That is the Lingtai level,Truly strong!Everyone in the hill is bustle。
Such more sea demon,Don’t attack at all,Just need an impact,Can consume the energy of the four products.。
“We are dead!”
Desperate atmosphere spread。
NS3420chapter Five four products
How to fight?
How to fight!Endless 10,000 Haibei dense,Overlay,The lowest is the Ling Sea level,There are also tens of thousands of Lingtai at least……Miao Wucings four life and death,Never reproduce。
They are pale a face,Epileface,A few distortion。
Even if there is a life-dead level,I can’t survive in this animal wave.。
“Dead, I am also……”Miao Wuming is like crazy,A sound,Self-storage 戒拿 拿 一 长 长 长 长 长,It is upright,Fierce。