Think here,Soli Ya is more, it feels that Gao Biyi is not simple.,Deeply。
What he did,Solitary home people like him,Even the dead hard-stubborn solitary gado is very respectful。
Such a man,Why do you have to bundle on a carriage of solo home??What can I give him solo??He clearly has a broader world.。
I think of here,Soi Ya will feel that it is cold。
At this moment,She is quietly waiting for Gao Baoyi’s answer。
“some things,Tell you that you will scare you。Just remember,I won’t hurt you is。”
“You have to swear!”
“If I am like someone who is alone,I will not let me die.,Is this satisfied??”
Gao Bao smiled and asked。
“Um,I believe you。”
Shanxi Ya put his head in Gao Bao’s chest,I finally got the hope of the hope.,She greatly loose tone。
“Even Shanva also saw unprotive,Plan to speed up progress。”
Moonlight,Gao Boyi is sitting in the gazebo in the solo house,In the heart, there is this solitude letter from this time.,Do you really fall into the trap of Yuwen?,Death。
Solitary correspondence will be the most important ring in his plan,No one can replace。
“Father, the father-in-law,Don’t leave the chain at the critical moment。I have already thought of the way to pick up Yu Wen.,You must go back in peace and return.。”
He said he said。
suddenly,Gao Biyi feels that the pavilion seems to hide?,Breathing and heartbeat are very violent。
He walked quietly,But I found that the Siki Si Louds were tightly stuck in a column.,It seems to talk to himself!
“Four maiden!”
“what!Brother-in-law!” The opponent is like a frightened deer,Actually put into the embrace of Gao Baoyi!
“this late,What do you do in the gazebo??”
Gao Biyi holds the shoulders of the four lams,Don’t let her run。
“I am me,You are you……”The four ladies are nervous, they are not clear.,Suddenly white eyes,Dynaining directly in Gao Bao Yi。
She is actually nervous.。
He is,Black light,Lonely,People are still fainting,How can I not know this?!
Gao Biyi hugged her weak body,I plan to let her sleep on him.,After waking up,Let her return to my own。
Don’t stop outside today,However, the four lams didn’t think there was anything wrong.,She is still in the boudoir。
These words are substantial“Brother-in-law”Gao Bao,She is a recent water building。