When I left,Li Hui has given two people, one person, one pound, six octagleneneous。
At the beginning, I felt that Pu Putong’s tea leaves.,But the Ye Shuangzhou has to spend 50,000 to buy.,He only knew that Li Hui Feng gave the tea actually so expensive.。
When Dawn smiled and said that the tea in his hand was at least one million.,Dawn Mountain is completely collected with the baby.。
I sent two people.,Li Hui Feng is ready to solve the kid army of the county town.。
After all, everything in Lotus Village is as long as the fund is in place.,He is a handkerchief.。
Come to Jin Xijie’s office,Li Hui also knows that the case of Lu Dahai will not be sentenced.。
Shi Yangtian also directly with his daughter in these days.。
About all situations of the Mojia Work School,Shi Yangtian is aware of uncomfortable words.。
In this case,Li Hui Feng also feels some heads.。
Especially Jin Xijie said that some people will be unfavorable to Shiyang Tian.,Li Hui Feng knows that Shi Yang Tian said too much.。
I immediately learned about Shiyang Tian from Jin Xijie.。
It turned out to have a teacher to apply a primary school.。
At the same time, his son is there.,The position of the daughter’s junior high school seems to be not far from the elementary school.。
As a result,He can take care of。
When Li Hui found Shi Yangtian,Shi Yangtian is fighting with his wife at home.。
Shiyang Tianben is rural people,Wife is also a rural woman in ordinary。
In the past few days, there are often people in the middle of the night.,Dear wife, the wife, the wife, every day, hang.。
The principal of the Mojia Work School has come to find Shiyang Tian,Want to give Shiyang Ten thousand dollars,Then let the other party get up。
But Shiyang is not dry,He is uncomfortable,Resentful。
Why do you want those parents of those depends??
Why do he have a loss?。
Especially when I learned that the principal has put the parents of the children.,He is even smart, and his eyes are angry.。
Although he violently jumped,But the principal did not say what just let him receive the money.,If you don’t accept it,That is the thing that torn face。
Originally, Shiyang also wants to bear it.,The principal’s words completely irritated Shiyang Tian。
100,000 pieces of him do not,Just fight against the other party。
Li Hui is able to hear the sound of Shiyang Tian and his mother in the door.。
When Li speaks on the door,Shiyang Tianyi face is surprising, it is a bit awkward。
And the wife of Shiyang is, but then tears.。
As for the daughter of Shiyang Tian,Li Hui Feng is also the first time.。
It is indeed as saffron,Water spirit,God does not have the kind of void that Shiyang said,But how much is a sluggish。
See this scene,Li Hui Feng understand why Shiyang Tian has never been able to compromise。
It turned out to be a daughter that night was frightened.,Use rural in the country to become mental illnesses。
However, this disease is not the possibility of nothing in Li Hui’s eyes.。
“Lee brother,How did you come?