“Hey-hey,Summer you wear so thick,Description Your body,And belonging to the symptoms accumulated for many years,Although I didn’t give you a pulse,But your face is white but not healthy.,Explain that your body’s blood circulation should not be good,Since it is related to the blood circulation,Then, your heart I think it should be a little problem.。”
Su Liang is really shocking this time.,He did not expect that Li Anti-style analysis would be so accurate。
“Boy,Your analysis is correct,But do this have a relationship with me??”
“Hey-hey,Of course,Because my apple has the effect of Chinese medicine,Eat a eating one can improve your physique,I have to eat more times, I can solve the problem of your body.,But you have to eat more time.,Heartbeat accelerated” After the following words, Li Hui said that,But Su Qing has already understood。
“You talk about my heartbeat, there will be dangerous?”
“Um,Theoretically this,But see you up to 30,Constant,It should not be too big to eat more.,But what should I still have to take it?。”
Su Liang went to the north for so many years,What kind of strange people have never seen?
However, the singularity like Li Hui Feng is so young but really see。
Don’t give birth to an impulse who wants to make。
“Boy,Can you leave a contact information??
this is my name card。”
Looking at the gold medal business card,Li Hui is also a bit surprised.。
The value of this business card, he feels very good.。
“Hey-hey,Can,I am also very honored.。”
Say,Li Hui rushed to the other side a call.。
Received Phone Number,Suyu is very satisfied。
Chapter 139, Songminmin
Li Hui, I looked at the introduction of Su-cool business card.,It is also a bit surprised.,The other party is actually a real estate tycoon,It can be used as a bus in such a real estate tycoon.,This is a little incredible in Li Hui’s eyes.。
Whether it is still before,He feels that there is money, it is generally going to have a driver.,It is also the case.。
With the purchase of Suwa,There were still some dismissions that were dismissed, and they felt that the passengers of the slaughter were gave birth to a thought of trying to buy a taste.。
However, the price of Li Hui’s selling apple sells most people to persuade most people.。
even so,Still there is three or three two people spend 50 yuan to buy a taste。
Such a scene,Qin Su Ya is surprised, I don’t know what to say.,But Li Hui is very unsatisfactory.。
He has cut prices to fifty,Actually, there are still few people buy。
He knows that there is a reason why there are few people in small places.,If he wants to go to the county city to try it.。
Su Cool is directly rushed to the hospital with other a few health products.。
In the car,He ate an apple and tasted it.,I feel that there is nothing special than the general apple.,Just think of Li Hui’s words,He still chose not to eat more。
After all, no one wants to hold your own life.。
When he came to the ward, he found that the old leaders can already sit up and have the information.。
“Song Song,How can you be here??”
I heard the voice of Suwa, Song Shimin is also a glimpse.,Then it is a pleasant surprise。
“Hahaha Xiaosu.,I haven’t seen so many years.,You have matured a lot。”