“boss,I had a three pound of strawberries last night, and the effect was invincible.。”
Wei Feng said,Excited feelings are tears。
“boss,You don’t know,I am not married to me.,Before it is a little unhappy,Last night,She is still satisfied with tears.,Reason,I am embarrassed to say this kind of thing.,But the fiancee is not to let me send a banner.,I am also missing.,I have to 500 pounds a few days.,I am ready for a year.。”
Wei Feng is directly 500 pounds,Thoroughly let the people looking for trouble.。
“Boy,Are you talking about??
Why do we feel that the strawberries we eat??”
“Yup,Boy,You are not dragging?”
“Yup,How did you prove??”
In the face of the question of the surrounding people,Wei Feng is also a bit nervous,But seeing Wang Chunli’s nervous little hand to be trembled.,His heart is also a bit distressed。
It is also unheedited.。
“You don’t feel that it may be less.,Anyway, I first prepared candlelight dinner last night.,Then with red wine plus strawberry,That effect is absolutely invincible。”
“As for how to prove,You see that I will really buy five hundred pounds.?
Anyway, this strawberry is absolutely low.,Don’t buy it earlier,I feel that one thousand in the next quarter is not necessarily bought.。”
Wei Feng is so troublesome,Those who originally prepared to pay money,Also think about thinking。
“Is it because I didn’t drink??”
“Yup,Is it the reason for wine??”
I heard the whisper of the surrounding people.。
Wang Chunli is also determined to fight。
“Everyone is now believed.?
Who wants to return money, I can find me.,But strawberry also takes back,If you want to continue buy,I suggest it back to drink some red wine and try it.,Now I am refunding, I am looking for strawberries.。”
Chapter 910 New crisis
Wang Chunli, this sudden confidence,Suddenly, I can make a large part of the people in my heart.。
At this time, Wei Feng is even more。
“Beauty,Can you give me five hundred pounds first?,I absolutely don’t have to pay money.。”
Say,Wei Feng directly took out the credit card to hand to Wang Chunli。
Wang Chunli saw that many people around them were surrounded.,Start the command。
The previous storeman saw Wang Chunli has already stabilized the situation.,Also hurry to come to help。
She is actually coming.,Just seeing a group of people to crusade,The heart is also afraid,I can’t hide。
Especially when I saw Wang Chunli was surrounded by people.,She is even more fear,I didn’t expect Wang Chunli to steadily stabilize the situation.。
There is also a man,Actually bought a strawberry of five hundred pounds,Also let her spring heart,One 500 pounds,That’s more mighty?
Wang Chunli is very good in the store in the store.,But about Wang Chunli’s boyfriend has always been curious.,But no one knows,Even sometimes she doubts that Wang Chunli no boyfriend is deliberately swollen and blind.。
But now she didn’t think so much.,Instead, I started to help dredge。
Seeing the storemanship,Wang Chunli is also a breather。
Immediately open the door of the supermarket,Then tell the people who want to return money to strawberry,Then how many pounds are you with?。
Wei Feng is directly in the face of everyone,Then strawberry box,A box of moving out,Look for a car。
With Wei Feng’s departure,Those who want to retreat strawberry basically have two or three of zero zero.。
Before the strawberry of these two people,Wang Chunli feels still。