“Xiao Zhao,Good performance!”Feng Xichuan praised。
But Zhao Ping blushed all over,He chose a driver,Did not expect the whole“Arena”There is no car on the map,How embarrassing is this!
“No nonsense,Everyone rush!”Zhang Song shouted。
“The other party already44separated,I mean,You are the master,Take more heads,Reduce death,Leave the tiger to me……”Lu Yi is afraid that everyone will be wrong,I had to talk about the tactics in detail。
“understood,The code name for this operation is:‘I will hunt tiger tonight’!”
Prelude-newborn Chapter Ninety Nine Fight black wind again(twelve)
“Indeed‘Great God Play Network’The top three power leveling gods,and also6Win the head!The little ones give me energy!”Liu Banshan Road, the commander of the Black Wind Mountain Corps。
“Good king!”
“Good king!”
“No problem king!”
“Shunzi is still so unpromising……Even though his team improved a little this time,But compared to the rescue soldiers moved by the king,Still not strong!”Ringing horse said with emotion。
Ringing horse,The first old player Shunzi followed when he was in Black Wind Mountain was the ringing horse。
This guy is actually pretty good,But my brain is not very bright,The other newcomers are yelling at each other,Hope that old players will give pointers……Only he likes to jump over game data,Familiar with the data differences of firearms……