Liu Zhiming looked at Liu Xiang。
“dad,This is not a problem,This is the problem of treating guest attitude,You have to taste it.,But you have to say,You are putting the vegetables in the pot in your bowl.,Then use your own chopsticks to taste,Not directly trying,That do you have to do it by the guest.?
Is it the most important reputation??”
I heard the long story of Liu Xujian,Liu Zhiming is also a soft service。
“Good,Gave you,I don’t say this later.,Hurry with Xiao Li to taste,By the way, how do I do?。”
See your old dad,Willow sweet is no longer continuing,Put it directly with Li with the wind with Li with the wind.,Put in your mouth。
Put in your mouth,Gently bite,The feeling of the outer coke yellow and spraying is instant。
Then the fresh meat inside it is, the coke outside is very delicious.。
Even if you pay attention to the diet of the diet on weekdays is also a mouthful to eat.。
Li Hui Feng also has a thumbs up directly:“uncle,Your craft is absolutely five-star hotels can’t do it.,Absolutely rushing their existence。”
“Hahahaha, your kid will play,But boasting but too much。”
“uncle,really,This craft is absolutely crushed。”
Although I know that Li Hui Feng is hard,But Liu Zhiming is still very happy.。
Don’t read a green grass,It’s better to see Liu Xu ‘s watching him.,The instant of the two eyes,Willow sweet is panicked。
And Liu Zhiming saw Liu Xu’s panic eyes and smiled directly to do the second dish.,But when turning around,He is thinking。
Because of the moment,He suddenly felt that his wife seems to be inadvertently related to this kind of young people who prefer.。
Or some of your own prostitutes like Li Hui。
But I think about my marriage is divorced.,Looking at Li Hui’s age is definitely a dead marriage.,So thinking that he feels a bit difficult。
Li Hui Hui did not know that he was already in the eyes with Liu Zhiming’s scenery.。
Soon, it was a grilled field rat by Miao Xia snow.。
“Lee brother,Sweet sister,Uncle said that you will add yourself with your pepper.,He feels that the original flavor is the best.。”
Miao Xiaoxue put down the roast field and drilled into the kitchen to help。
See Miao Xiaoxue’s diligent figure,Willow:“This gimmick looks very honest.,But it is very planned for your future.,Do you know why she helps so fast??”
Chapter 843 Teaching
“This gimmick is to learn.,My dad is also understood that this girl wants to learn chefs.,But the girl is so hard.,At that iron pot, she can’t flirt.,But the practice of home cooking,This girl should learn one or two these days.。”
Li Hui Feng did not think that Miao Xiaoxue also wants to learn chefs.。
Although ordinary people cooking is a girl,But the chef recited in the real restaurant is basically a boys.,After all, the boy is very strong.,And the speed of stir fry is also very fast,Even a lot of things are more than girls.。
But the meticulous thing,Li Hui Feng feels safe to fit girl,Such as pending,Girl’s mind always wants more。