Be alert to the five major symptoms of skin aging

Biologically, aging is the transition of biological transfer time, the inevitable process of spontaneous, it is a complex natural phenomenon, manifested as structural and functional decline, adaptability and resistance decline.

For women, aging is first manifested on the skin, and the following five symptoms remind you that you are slowly aging!


Aging name: preliminary forehead stain: endocrine, light radiation.

  Beauty attributes: reversible.

  Nursing methods: internal adjustment.


Aging name: Forehead pimples First: stress response, sun exposure.

  Beauty attributes: reversible.
  Care method: adjust the method of use.


Aging name: Forehead acne Initial: Hormone secretion disorders.

  Nursing method: the main adjustment is internal, and the external application is supplemented.


Aging name: forehead desquamation first: extreme water shortage.

  Nursing methods: hydration-based.


Aging name: initial headline: genetic and expression exaggeration.

  Beauty attributes: Genetics are irreversible, others are reversible.

  Care methods: pay attention to changing habits.