Zhang Yuantu can’t help but frown,4Generation zombies and5There is only one word between the generations of zombies,The difference in strength between the two is not just a double addition.。
He was thinking of Jia Ren but5Instead of zombies,Even traps in the villa are nothing but traps5Instead of zombies。No matter how the other party sets up the trap,Don’t be afraid by your own means,Now obviously going to miscalculate。
“In the end what you want,Make it clear!”
Since the other party set a trap,I’m so slow,There must be another picture。
“Since Zhang Tianshi is quick to talk,I’m not coming。”
4On behalf of zombies, Chen Tao said:“This kid stayed,Heavenly Master and your apprentice can leave!”
Zhang Yuantu is also not commenting,Just asked:“Where is the person who was captured by Jia Ren??”
4High-five zombie,I saw the one-armed zombie Jia Ren and two other zombies escorting O Sheng out of it,Ou Sheng is tied up by five flowers,The mouth is also sealed with tape,Tears rolling in the eyes。
Chen Xiu took a breath of relief,Ou Sheng hasn’t been sucked yet at least。
4On behalf of the zombie, pointing to Osheng and said:“She can also leave。”
Chen Xiu said loudly:“it is good,I stayed,You let go!”
4A dark smile on behalf of zombies,Ignore Chen Xiu’s screams,Just staring at Zhang Yuantu and said:“Zhang Tianshi,what do you think?”
“Promise him,You take Osheng away,I stayed。”Chen Xiu whispered。