Wei Feng’s words,Let the people around them are surprised。
Even someone is also questioned,But soon, I was given a testimony by the old man and then retorted back.。
One thousand pieces of a pound of expensive,But there are still a few beautiful women bought it.。
When a few people walk,Someone looked at the back.:“Is that our big star,Shiyuan Jiumei?”
“It seems that,That is already so good.,Is it still thin??”
Facing everyone’s question。
Wei Feng couldn’t help but think of Wang Chunli,Wang Chunli’s body has been very good,And the body of the bullet is rumored.,She also ate a lot of strawberries,But there is no thin leather bag.。
This is fully explained,As long as the body reaches a certain proportion,Strawberry’s slimming effect should not be thin。
It is even possible that this strawberry is completely based on human health to reach certain effects.。
But this idea Wei Feng is just thinking about it.,I didn’t dare to say it.。
After all, this is really good.,The strawberry seems to be too big.。
Don’t say one thousand pieces a pound,The price is more expensive, there should be many people to buy。
Seeing the strawberry of Wei Feng soon selling light,Before you prepare to buy it, but because the price of people who have not bought is a little regret.。
It is good to have goods in the supermarket.,Just wait for two days.。
Zhang Ai Tian also didn’t think that the advertisement did not play.,Strawberry has already fired。
Even strawberries have been to be mythical。
Even the reporters of the TV station want to interview her.,However, she has resigned in the reason for work.。
Fortunately, the manager in the store is supported.。
“Hello,Is it so amazing in the strawberries in your store??”
“I feel very magical this.,But I am afraid to say more.,You will think that I spread the feudal superstition,OK,I feel more should ask the effect after I bought a strawberry and then I have eaten it.,Only in this way can I distinguish the strawberry is really so good.。”
The reporter was also answered by this.。
He can feel the manager’s confidence。
Wang Chunli does not understand why she will interview her.,Obviously the interview manager,She is now just a deputy duty now.。
“Hello,Then you feel that the price of strawberry prices of five hundred yuan is too expensive.?”
Chapter 910 Shiyuan Jiumei
Wang Chunli feels this is giving her a set。
She is expensive if she said,Then the strawberry may be considered a very low price.,They are dark。
“Do not,I feel that the price of strawberries is too low.,Because those who have eaten strawberries should all know what effects on strawberries.,And today’s strawberry sold at the door of our supermarket,One thousand pieces a pound,Soon after being sold,This person is because of five hundred pounds of pounds.,It’s a thousand blocks now.。”
“Forehead,Then do you feel that this kind of strawberry will be in the future??”
“The future price is not good,But I feel that the least is one thousand dollars a pound.,Because I know the effects of the current effects.,I can find new effects in the future.,This is no longer just the problem of strawberry fruit.,I can even treat it as a medicine.。”
Wang Chunli’s words,Let the reporter are very satisfied。
After interview,Soon what is it?,Let Strawberry have appeared in the chapter of the drug.。
Then, a chapter of the five flowers about strawberries appeared.。