The onlookers cheered together,Straight to praise Xiao Fan as a great hero。
When the three robbers fell to the ground,Because I hit the hostage,Seeing the woman in the windbreaker fell to the ground,Xiao Fan helped her,Asked:“Are you OK?”
Haven’t waited for the woman in the trench coat to answer,Several police officers rushed in from outside,After seeing Xiao Fan,Thought he was a robber,Several people’s guns were aimed at Xiao Fan,The female detective captain led by warned:“Let go of the hostages,You can’t escape。”
Xiao Fan made a helpless expression,Is this treating him as a robber??
The woman in the windbreaker who was still held by Xiao Fan quickly explained:“police officer,not like this,He is my savior,Not a robber。”
After finishing speaking, he pointed to the three people lying motionless on the ground,Said:“The three of them are the robbers。”
The detective captain Shang Guanyan’s face immediately appeared embarrassed,Said to Xiao Fan:“Sorry,Mr,I was too impulsive,I think you were with the hostage just now,I thought you were a robber。”
Xiao Fan said:“It’s ok,I still have business,Go first。”
The woman in the windbreaker has also taken off her mask at this time,Revealed an extremely delicate face。
She grabbed Xiao Fan,Said shyly:“Thank you for saving me,Can i leave a phone call,So that I can thank you later。”
Xiao Fan said lightly:“no need,Nothing more。”
The woman in the trench coat can’t believe her ears,After this man saw his face,The expression is not only cold,On the contrary, he directly refused his offer。
“you do not know me?”The windbreaker asked unwillingly。
Xiao Fan shook his head。
The woman in the trench coat suddenly looked helpless,She is also a new Asian queen,Although it can’t be regarded as well-known throughout Asia,But anyway, it’s not as good as someone doesn’t know。
So I had to introduce:“My name is Su Shihan,An actor。”
“Hello there!”Xiao Fan still said lightly。