2016 Snooker National Championship O’Sullivan VS Maforin game result video playback
On October 25, the 2016 Snooker International Championships (attached: 2016 Snooker National Championship complete schedule schedule + contestant match list / signing form) continued to compete on the third day of the competition, in the eveningIn the second round of confrontation, Rocket O’Sullivan encountered Norwegian player Maforin.After the fierce battle in the first nine innings, O’Sullivan scored 5-4 to get the first match point. In the tenth inning, he scored a single shot to break the 100 lock victory, and finally won 6-4 to advance to the top 16.O’Sullivan’s data map will still be unsatisfactory this season. The Shanghai Masters was out of the second round. The European Masters was eventually reversed by Trump, and the English Open was defeated by Walker.But the Rockets participated in the game, he is still an absolute popular candidate.In this year’s National Championships, O’Sullivan defeated Chinese player Xiao Guodong in the first round of hard work. In the second round, he met the Norwegian Ma Fulin and performed well in the past few seasons.  In the first game, O’Sullivan scored the red ball first to get the mobile phone meeting, followed by the blue ball as a transition, interrupted the offensive rhythm after getting 15 points.After the safety ball competition, Ma Fulin won the mobile phone meeting, and the continuous overlap achieved a lead of 32-15.However, Ma Fulin made mistakes in the subsequent offensive, leaving O’Sullivan with a very good drop line, the Rockets took advantage of the situation, played a combination of offense with one red and one color, and scored 76 points with a single shot.-32 wins first.In the second game, O’Sullivan continued the excellent state of the opening stage. Although Ma Fulin took the lead, he did not form a continuous offensive. Instead, O’Sullivan made several shots, including 59 points in a single shot, 113-12 won the next city.  In the third game, O’Sullivan scored a red ball from the platform, then hit the pink ball as a catch ball, the red ball played an offensive routine, and after 32 points, he chose to defend because the cue ball was not well placed.In the defensive competition, O’Sullivan made a mistake and gave Ma Fulin the opportunity, the Norwegian player seized the opportunity, and scored 85 points on a single shot to directly overtake the city.In the subsequent fourth game, Ma Fulin gradually found a state in the opening stage and got an 8-0 lead. After a safety ball competition, he won the mobile phone meeting again, played a combination of routines and successfully blasted the red ball pile, using a very smooth ballThe type continued to hit the ball into the bag, and scored 124 points in a single shot to win another game, chasing the total score to 2-2 and then entered the break.  In the fifth game, Ma Fulin didn’t attack from the far end, O’Sullivan pushed the red ball into the middle pocket, made a fuss about the black ball after receiving the mobile phone meeting, and interrupted the attack after achieving a 47-0 lead.Ma Fulin, who then shot, scored 12 points, hitting the bag and hitting the bag, leaving O’Sullivan with a very good offensive opportunity.The Rockets did not give opponents the opportunity to get up and hit the ball again, with a 85-12 victory to reset the total score advantage.In the sixth game, Ma Fulin scored the red ball first to get the mobile phone meeting after the defensive competition in the opening stage, and then joined the pink ball as a transition. The red ball hit the attack wave continuously, hitting 77 points and zero Osha in a single shotLevin, chasing the total score to 3-3!  In the seventh game, Ma Fulin first scored the red ball, and then made a fuss about the blue ball. After getting 41 points, the cue ball hit the red ball pile.But the effect of blasting the ball was not good, Ma Fulin forced the attack and the red ball hit the bag.O’Sullivan’s red ball scored into the pocket to get a continuous attack. After all the red balls on the front of Qingguangtai, the colored ball failed to enter, and the score temporarily led 47-41.However, Ma Fulin, who then shot, scored a yellow ball with precision. After clearing six colored balls, he won 61-47. The total score of 4-3 achieved a lead!In the sixth game, O’Sullivan took the lead to hit the red ball, and then used the black ball as the connection. When he entered the end of the game, he led 63-37. At this time, there were only seven colored balls on the table surface.Ma Fulin then scored a yellow goal, but the cue ball position error can only be defended.After a defensive contest, O’Sullivan took the opportunity to score four consecutive colored balls and win 81-39. The total score of the two sides was 4-4.In the second round of the 2016 Snooker International Championships, O’Sullivan vs Maforin’s ninth game, Maforin scored two red goals, but there was no continuous attack.Instead, O’Sullivan, who subsequently shot, relied on precise accuracy and cue ball positioning control, the red ball played a combined routine, and a single shot hit 84 points to win again, with a total score of 5-4 to win the gamepoint!In the tenth inning, Ma Fulin took the lead and scored 23 points. Then the two sides passed a safety ball. Ma Fulin hit the red ball into the bottom bag from the platform. After scoring one red and one black, the rhythm was interrupted due to mistakes.O’Sullivan immediately started without giving opponents a chance. After scoring 101 points on a single shot, the game was ended. The total score of 6-4 won and advanced to the third round.  Follow O’Sullivan”” O’Sullivan’s 2016 Snooker National Championship schedule