[Difference between firewood eggs and earth eggs]_Earth eggs_Equal

Eggs are a common food in our lives. Eggs are often stored in the kitchens of many families. Eggs are rich in nutrients and cooked in many ways, and eggs can be cooked with many ingredients to make a varietydelicious food.

With the improvement of people’s living standards, the requirements for eggs have changed at the same time, and now wood eggs are more and more welcomed and paid attention by everyone.

The difference between firewood eggs and earth eggs is different in egg size: because firewood eggs are free-range laying hens, different chickens eat different amounts of eggs, so the eggs are different in size.

The common eggs are fed with the same ingredients, so the size of the eggs is basically the same.

The color of the eggshell is different: the eggs of ordinary chickens have similar colors, mainly because they eat the same things, and each egg is like a clone.

The eggs and eggs of free-range chickens are different in color and shade, which makes it very easy to distinguish the authenticity of native eggs.

Egg yolks are different in size and color: Chai egg yolks are large and darker in color.

Organic Chai egg yolks are harder than ordinary egg yolks. Real organic Chai egg yolks can be grasped by hand.

Unlike ordinary eggs on a plate, the organic Chai egg yolk is significantly higher in concentration than ordinary egg whites: this is the main way to distinguish the true.

The concentration of egg whites in real organic soil eggs is very thick, which cannot be imitated by ordinary eggs.In an egg, there must be less water and a greater concentration!

Characteristics of wood eggs Chai chicken farm adopts free-range forest farming mode for breeding. Chickens can freely find fruits, leaves, grass seeds, insects, etc. in the forest grass.

In order to ensure the growth of chickens and the nutritional value of eggs, the breeding base will crush corn, bran, soybean meal and other food crops, green vegetables, carrots, etc. as feed to raise chickens. The eggs produced have high nutritional value and no drug residues.Excluding hormones, heavy metals are naturally healthy.