Xinhua News Agency, Chengdu, April 1, IQ: In the past, "Golden rice bowl over the poor days" now enjoy "Jinshan Yinshan", the Xinhua News Agency, Yang Sanjun, Lu Wei, Emperor, Early morning, the first sunshine sprinkles small town The 33-year-old Wang Shouying opened the door to the door, ready to meet the arrival of the guests.

  Burning water, and face, fried scorpion, tunnel sauce … Busy, Wang Shouying, is a large country in the three pods of three pods in Xuanhan County, Sichuan Province. Just five or six years ago, this hardworking woman was still in the end of the golden rice bowl. " Xuanhan was the most county in the poor in Sichuan Province. In 2014, 211 poverty villages were accurate. The poverty population, the incidence of poverty is greater, and the Bashan Grand Canyon Slice is more poverty.

  Wang Shouying is in the Bashan Grand Canyon.

The mountain is majestic, the scenery is unique, and "the" male, dangerous, odd, show, quiet "is in one.

However, because the mountain is high, it is remote isolated. For thousands of years, this beautiful canyon has been "deep lock" in poor. There is a folk song to depict the hardships of the local people, the hardships of life: the bag of the cavity, the 坨; the clothes are old, wear into a cockroach; work half rock, let go of the river at any time; go out of the road Climb.

  In 2014, the poverty aroma was blown, and Xuanhan County identified the idea of ??driving and poverty alleviation in the mountainous area.

Traffic first, industrial and rich people, high-level tourism roads and ferry style small towns, Tuhikou Reservoir Ecological Tourism Area and other projects have been opened in the Grand Canyon.

  In 2019, he benefited from the Easy Poverty Alleviation Policy. Wang Shouying came to Sangshu Pension, and did a catering business.

Her mother is a security guard at the attraction, with more than 2,000 yuan in income for a month. Sisters who work outside the country will also return to their hometown by the spring breeze developed and become the hotel’s management backbone.

A family quickly took a poverty.

  Like Wang Shouying to eat a foreign trolley, the example of poverty alleviation at the door, not a lot of enumeration. Liu Qiper, secretary of the party branch of Dawo Village, since the construction of the Babhan Grand Canyon Scenic Area Happy days.

  Today, the Bashan Grand Canyon Scenic Area has built the "four major sections" such as Xikou Lake Ecological Sightseeing Area, Par Valley Folk Recreation Area, Luo Top Health Youth District, Taixi Valley Experience Resort, and successfully captured the national 4A level Tourist attractions.

In the case of this year’s Spring Festival, the scenic spot receives 120,000 tourists, with more than 78 million yuan in total income. In just a few years, the incidence of poverty in Xuanhan County decreased from% to%, and in February 2020, he exited the poverty county sequence. Among them, the Grand Canyon Scenic Area directly brought more than 10,000 poor people in the film area, and 102 poor villages took off the poor.

  Production and life livelihoods are in the scenic spot, enjoy "Jinshan Yinshan", has become a true portrayal of the masses of the Bashan Grand Canyon Piece. Significantly free, 58-year-old, rivers, Zhu Guofe, will sit in front of the "Black Bay Fish Zhuang" of the Town Town, watch the car, and listen to the river. In 2014, Zhu Guofu, who lost her alone and high blood pressure, diabetes, was evaluated as poor. One year later, he borrowed more than 100,000 yuan with the support of precise poverty alleviation policy, and he took off his poverty.

This boatman who has drifted on the water all year round, now has become a boss with thousands of square meters of farmhouse.

  "Doing a good job in expanding the expansion of the poverty and the poverty achievements with rural revitalization, so that the poverty poverty base is more secure, and the results are more sustainable.

"The secretary of the Xuanhan County Party Committee introduced that the county is grabbing the strategic opportunity of the construction of the two-city economic circle in China, collaborates to build the big Baishan, the big three greery tourism ring line, and strive to create" Wanda Kaagangyu Co-ordination development demonstration project and Core Demonstration Zone of the International Tourist Resort of Daba Mountain.

  "The scenic spot is built, the tourists have more, the business is so good, the lives of our people are more popular." After the launch of the lunch, Zhu Guofu lying on the rattan chair, sunning the sun, while smiling and asking the reporter, " You said, is now in the life of our mountains to envy in the city? "(End).