So say the video on the Internet must not believe that the rumors are right to find the official! The following Xiaoxiao gave everyone to talk about the birth insurance policy of Jinan City, understanding the birth insurance insufficients in the birth insurance designated medical institution in accordance with the national family planning policy, and implements the settlement settlement, the standard is 1200 yuan The standard of pregnancy is 1800 yuan for female employees over 35 years old (including 35 years old).

Insured people in planning medical institutions that meet the national family planning policy, the importance of the national family planning policy is not accompanied by fertility complications, and the actual cost is lower than the quota, which exceeds the quota Settlement, specifically pay by the staff basic medical insurance policy, payment according to the following standards: 2,700 yuan, each additional fetus increases 500 yuan of treatment; Yuli surgery: 3100 yuan, each additional fetus increases 500 yuan; cesarean section 5500 Yuan, the hooded uterus (historic historic history of uterine surgery) increased by 700 yuan; maternity simultaneous sterilization of sterilization is guaranteed to be treated with 390 yuan for more pregnancy (cesarean section): 8,000 yuan. After the networked settlement, how to check the fertility insurance in the post-job female employee, the fertility insurance has been held for 1 year, and the fertility allowance automatically hits the employee’s social security card financial zone.

If you have sexual payment of women’s employees, the continuous foothold of the fertility insurance is less than 1 year. After the employment unit pays the basic medical insurance premium for employees, after 1 year, fertility is reissued by the Co-ordination Fund.

Therefore, female employees temporarily accept allowance at the end of the month after the end of the discharge, etc., and then pay for 1 year after birth insurance.

(Editor: Liu Yingyi, Xing Manhua).