China Net November 18th News China Consumers Association released 2021 "Double 11" consumption rights public opinion analysis report on the 18th.

On the information communication channel, "Double 11" period "Double 11" period "consumer rights" information communication channel mainly has Weibo, client, WeChat, interactive forum, website, video, digital newspaper, etc. Among them, the amount of microblog information is the highest, accounting for more; followed by the client, the amount of information is%; the third is WeChat, the amount of information is%. During the monitoring period, 495,3918, including "spit", "consumer rights" information, accounting for the total amount of information of "consumer rights" information through the public opinion monitoring system. Monitoring found that the negative information of the consumption during the "Double 11" promotion this year is mainly concentrated in price disputes, false delivery, platform issues, etc.

The promotion price is accredited too much.

During the monitoring period, 919,382 negative information about the "price dispute" were collected. There were around 38,308 days, and the distribution of information distribution was a concentrated trend. On November 1, the amount of emotional information was the highest, 143,984.

Price dispute is concentrated on November 1st with pre-sale deposits and tails.

Consumers who are preparing to pay for the payment have found that the pre-sale prices may not be the best after superimposed various discounts.

Different live broadcasts of difference disputes, live bands and direct orders. Such as Converse Fife’s prepaid deposit consumers will spend more money. In addition, the vitality forest error setting ultra-low price Please refund the incident, which also caused a hot discussion of online public opinion. Logistics hysteresis is suspected of delivery. During the monitoring period, the negative information about "false delivery" is collected 227,795, with a daily average information volume of 9,491.

The amount of public opinion has increased from November 1st, and the peak is 28,202 on November 6.

Starting on November 1, many netizens spitting logistics information is not updated, and customer service robots will not be effectively communicated. After the intention of the public, the netizen began to think that the fundamental reason is that the merchant fake delivery, resulting in logistics information without updating. Typical case in L’Oreal, Weona is named.

Platform marketing stirred the vomiting waves.

During the monitoring period, the total collection and platform marketing related issues were involved in the negative information 123071, and negative information appeared from 18,184 on October 27. During pre-sale, Taobao platform 喵 sugar activities caused a public opinion, on October 27, the amount of public opinion information reached the peak, and the information is related to "糖". One is hot discussion, the second is the depth of the spit, the player’s internal volume, the platform harvest the advertising value.

In addition, the OWHAT platform running has been on a period of time, but netizens still have discussion during public opinion monitoring.

This year, the "Double 11" consumption rights is a strong signal indication, once again proved the consumption upgrade context, the electric commercial state is accelerating, removal.

The Chinese Consumer Association recommends continuously strengthening supervision control of illegal violations in e-commerce marketing promotion; encouraging and guiding the business model of e-commerce platforms and related subjects to build more sincerity, fewer routines; calling and encouraging platforms and merchants Take out more sincerity, more effective action, with the government, and build new digital civilizations.

At the same time, calling on consumers to continue to strengthen the construction of healthy consumption, firmly consumer mentality, maintain rational consumption rhythm, grasp reasonable consumption scale, and to control the green consumption concept, avoid surpassment, let consumption return rationality. (Editor: Peng Yao).