Teams participating in the support work from the Bayannan Hospital, Bayannan Chinese Medicine Hospital, Bayannan Moniical Hospital, Linhe District People’s Hospital, Ulat, Ulat, Houqi People’s Hospital, Uila Flag Mont Hospital, Ulat Houqi Wulu Health Center, Houqi Huihe Town Center Health Center, Wulang County People’s Hospital, Qikou County People’s Hospital, Qikou County Maternal and Child Health Hospital, Sangkou County Zhongmong Hospital , Hangjin Houqi Hospital, Hangjin Houqi Zhongmong Hospital, Hangjin Flag Women’s Health Hospital, Hangjin Houqi River Hospital, Hangjin Houqi Tonghai Hospital, Municipal Disease Control Center, Linhe District CDC, Wu Yuanqi Center, Wusheng Flag Control Center, Hangjin Houqi Control Center, Wuliang County CDC, Qikou County CDC. The support team is composed of respiratory and critically ill, test, neurology, cardiology, infectious department, nursing, prevention medicine, etc. The dean of 4, 33 cadres; 38 members of the Communist Party of China.

The Bayannoier Municipal Health Committee also allocated the test reagent 10,000 people (according to 1:10, it can detect 100,000 people), medical protective clothing 300 sets, medical N95 masks 4 boxes (2400), medical disposable latex Check gloves 2 boxes (2000 pairs), medical protective shoe cover 300 pairs, medical protective boots 1 box (100 pairs), 20 medical goggles, 5,000 medical surgical masks, instant noodles, milk, mineral water and other living materials to ensure The smooth development of support work.

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