The old newsletation moved away, and now the road is safe and comfortable! In the Anning Zhuang East Road, Haidian District, a idle old newspapers and magazines affect the traffic on the sidewalk.

Qinghe Street complaints are ready, and it is finally removed by multi-partial coordination.

The sidewalk is widened, and the past residents have a good job. At 2 o’clock in the afternoon, there are people in the Anning Zhuang East Road and Anning Zhuangqian Road in Qinghe Street, Haidian District. The residents reflect the old newsletation of the road, and the newsletter is open, and the newsletter is open. Brick. The resident Ma Aunt stopped and clicked: Finally, it is really good. The old man lives in the 30th of the East Road, the East Road, North Xiaowei East Road. She said: On the sidewalk at the entrance of the community, the newsletter has also stopped a lot of sharing bikes in the evening, and the road to the people is only less than 1. Mi wide. However, there is a personal standing on the road, others have to pass, and sometimes they have to bypass from the bicycle. After the demolition is complete, the road is so many, and it is also safe! The newsstand in the door of the woolen North Community has historic, and it has been closed.

Chai Jiangchun, deputy director of the City Management Office of Qinghe Street, introduced: The newsstand was built on the sidewalk.

Nowadays, the pavilion is old, the iron wall and the plastic doors are stuck on the three-flowers, and the surrounding debris is put into health dead angles, affecting the road is beautiful, and there is a fire hazard, and the dismantling of the nearby residents is strong.

After receiving the residential complaint, the streets will communicate with postal companies, and the staff should be reported to the approval and take some time.

In order to return to the people as soon as possible, Chai Jiangchun decided to give a new home to the newsletter. After many coordination, it finally decided to put the demolished newspapers in a transitional resettlement area of ??the Qinghe Bridge.

On the afternoon of November 11, the street coordinated a forklift and a truck, dismantling the old newspapers, and the workers also clear a lot of abandoned bicycle tires, wires and other debris. The newsletter was taken away, leaving a two-three square meters of pit, on November 12, the street arranged workers paved the floor tiles and recovered the sidewalk.

(Original title: Waste newsletation of the road moved away) Source: Beijing Evening News reporter teacher’s Yue process Editor: U010.