Elderly calcium supplement formula

There is no doubt that milk is rich in nutrients, but too many people with weak spleen and stomach will have diarrhea when drinking milk. Therefore, nutrition experts suggest that the elderly should choose a special formula to supplement their body needs.

  Due to the large loss of nutrition and the slow absorption of nutrients, it is difficult to meet the nutritional needs of the daily diet alone, so it must be supplemented.

Formulations can provide targeted nutritional supplements for the lack of complications in the elderly to achieve a balanced nutritional balance.

Especially for some elderly people with certain chronic diseases, it is necessary to carry out targeted nutritional supplements.

Below the ranking, except for the specific nutrients in pure milk, such as iron, zinc, vitamin E, etc., therefore, the elderly have to choose formula.

  Old-age formula is specially developed according to the physiological characteristics of the elderly. However, some nutrients that are not adequately ingested by the elderly are added and strengthened by the aged formula.

Take vitamin E as an example. The 65-year-old elderly needs about 100 mg per day, while the average daily diet can only provide 70 mg. Drinking formula can make up the remaining 30% difference.

In addition, in addition to satisfying the basic nutrition of the elderly, the elderly prescription milk also strengthens long-chain unsaturated fatty acids, such as DHA, which can enhance memory and prevent mental deterioration in the elderly. EPA can prevent cerebrovascular diseases in the elderly.; nucleotides, can enhance the body’s immunity; taurine, is the main nutrient of the brain.

  Basically, for those who are healthy and have good habits, with a balanced diet, drinking natural pure milk can achieve nutritional supplements, so you don’t have to drink formula.